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Quote Roller
Create polished, professional proposals in minutes
26,526 users
Ultimate document automation for sales teams:

- Build beautiful quotes and proposals fast
- Track when clients open your documents and what they look at within
- Close deals faster with electronic signatures

The product offers everything you need to create and deliver sales collateral. 

Forget switching between word processors, CPQ tools, eSigning apps, and email inbox. Quote Roller lets you create sales documents, employ dynamic quoting, get electronic signatures, and automate workflow, all at the same time.

Build, track, and sign winning sales documents fast with Quote Roller. 

*Integrate your favorite apps*

Quote Roller integrates with: SalesForce, Nutshell CRM, Xero Accounting Software, Base CRM, Salesforce CRM, Quickbooks Accounting Software, Google Drive, Basecamp Project Management software, Highrise CRM, Podio, Google Apps, Capsule CRM, Freshbooks Invoicing App, Sugar CRM, PipeDrive CRM, Zoho CRM, Nimble CRM, Box Document Storage, Dropbox, Batchbook CRM, SAASU Accounting Software, PayPal and Stripe  Payment Solutions, Insightly CRM, OnePageCRM, and more. 
AJ Steeves
January 27, 2014
Today I phoned their support department because they had not answered my email support request in 1 month. I advised that as the account holder, I was not able to access my account. The system has an error that doesn't distinguish from different Quote Roller subdomains, and if you registered with the same email on both accounts, the result is you are locked out and cannot reset your password. Bottom line: The support agent questioned me about if we were a paying customer (we are) and asked if he could have someone call us back. I asked for support with my user name and password, and consented to him calling us back on customer service matters. He intentionally hung up on me, stating that "Spencer, the manager" would call us back. I have never been hung up on by a support department. No less by someone who's software caused an error that should have been contemplated: Wanting to use the tool with more than one company with the same email address. BE CAREFUL. Any company who doesn't care about it's customers enough to listen and serve them doesn't deserve your business in my personal opinion. We'll definitely be leaving Quote Roller as a result. Great software, bad support.
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Michael Trader
October 10, 2012
I am very pleased with this application and the support that we have received from the QuoteRoller team. The app allows us to provide our customers with very professional proposals, track vital information to accelerate the sales cycle, and centralize our data for management review. I also like the tools that QuoteRoller provides to customize our proposal templates.
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Jaganmohan Kataru
October 6, 2012
Like how a potter molds clay in to any shape, quoteroller can be used to create some of the best proposals with high impact Wow! factor to the customer. Highly recommended, and hope subscriber volumes pick for Quoteroller for the subscription fee to come down. Excellent system.
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John Kriney
October 4, 2012
QuoteRoller has increased our conversion, ability to get more proposals out and cut down on proposal creation by 500%
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Craig Newman
October 1, 2012
I have just using this and it is fantastically easy to use and professional. The text editing is a bit clunky but I expect that will improve in time.
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John Red
February 10, 2012
I was really surprised with the percent of people that have written in their blogs, sites, portals about Quoteroller! I've never met such thing before. It only proves that QR is an excellent app!
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Mikita Mikado
January 19, 2012
We got at least 3 things improved with Quote Roller in our company (professional services -> web/mobile development): 1) Organized quoting tied in CRM. The process is really transparent and straightforward from CEO prospective. 2) Increased conversion from prospects to clients. Our clients actually love the fact we now send paperless quotes. 3) Extremely happy sales staff. Our sales folks love in-proposal analytics and notifications on when clients open quotes. Great application over all. Highly recommend.
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