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Remove Duplicates
Find, highlight, combine, and remove duplicates in Google Sheets
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The user-proven #1 solution for managing duplicates and uniques across your spreadsheets. More than 600,000 installs and thousands of happy users!

Spotting duplicates in hundreds of rows of data can be a pain in the neck. Luckily, Remove Duplicates was designed to do it for you on the fly so that you can spare your time for more meaningful tasks.


Remove Duplicates is easy to use and comes with a wide range of options for handling duplicates and uniques. This is something you just can’t find in other available methods such as Google App Scripts, =UNIQUE, or conditional formatting:

  • No need to use the Script Editor, macros, formulas or coding
  • Duplicates deleted automatically right away, saving your time
  • Search across two sheets and case-sensitivity supported
  • Option to save your search as a scenario for later use


The add-on offers the following four features performed in just five or less simple steps — no coding, no formulas required:

  1. Find duplicate or unique rows

This feature is designed to identify duplicate or unique rows within a Google Sheet and manage them further (highlight, remove, move to another tab and even more).

  2. Find duplicate or unique cells

With this feature, you can find and highlight identical or unique content within cells in just a few clicks. Duplicate cells will never escape your attention again. 

  3. Compare columns or sheets

Multiple tabs and columns are often used to keep track of records as they change over time. This tool will help you easily compare two sheets or columns and quickly spot alterations and identicals.

 4. Combine duplicate rows

If removing duplicates is not an option, you can merge cells from duplicate rows with this tool. Just pick your columns with dupes, set delimiters to your liking, and combine related values from other columns. Or benefit from 14 built-in functions to calculate numbers from duplicate rows instead.

Each of the features empowers you with an array of actions to take on the content:

  • Highlight duplicates or uniques with your favorite color
  • Clear rows/cells
  • Delete rows/cells
  • Copy to another spreadsheet
  • Move to another spreadsheet
  • Mark as duplicates/uniques in a new column
  • Merge cells from duplicate rows using delimiters
  • Calculate numbers from dupe rows with 14 functions

The add-on also offers a variety of additional unique and duplicate scanning options: 

  • Case sensitivity
  • Inclusion/exclusion of blank cells and rows
  • Saving your session settings as a scenario for later use


With Remove Duplicates, you can find and delete duplicate and unique rows and cells for free within the 30-day trial period. 


You can buy the annual license for the add-on for just $33.60 or use Remove Duplicates forever for a one-off charge of $59.90. 

All payments are secure and include an unconditional 30-day money-back guarantee.

If you have any questions about using Remove Duplicates, our support team will be happy to assist.

Remove Duplicates is a proud member of the Ablebits product family. We build add-ons that help you make the most of G Suite. Visit our official website to learn more.


Version 1.10
★New Features:
- Combine Duplicate Rows. Now you can also combine rows of data that belong to some duplicate records. Merge cells and separate them with delimiters or calculate values from duplicate rows.

- The limit for total cells in a spreadsheet is expanded to 5 million cells.
- Compatibility with Acer Chromebook 11.
- Minor improvements.

Version 1.9
★New Features:
 - Scenarios. Just save the settings you use most often and give this set a name – this is your scenario. Once you run it, your sheet will be processed right away, and you won't need to go over the same steps again.

 - Remove Duplicate Cells: copy and move results to a new location.

 - Minor improvements and text adjustments.

Version 1.8
★New Features:
 - Find duplicate cells. You can find and process duplicate or unique cells within the selected range.

 - Range selector UX. If you had a slow Internet connection or server response, you could get an incorrect range. We've significantly reduced that possibility.
 - UX; the add-on will offer the most possible actions and warn about possible mistakes and lags.
 - Small screens and minor issues UIs.
 - Performance. The new version of the add-on processes colored cells faster.

 - Removing Alternating colors.
 - Corrupting main table formatting.

Version 1.7: We introduced yearly subscriptions, you can still enjoy a fully-functional trial version of the add-on for 30 days.

Version 1.6: We fixed the issues you reported and made the add-on much faster!

Version 1.2: Take advantage of all Pro features for free: mark duplicate values in a separate column, copy or move the found rows to another sheet.

Feel free to try it out on this test spreadsheet:

If you have any questions about deleting duplicates in Google Sheets, please post them here:
We'll be happy to assist!
Please visit the Chrome Web Store if you would like to reply or rate a review for this app.
A User of Remove Duplicates
June 10, 2019
An easy to use feature and the support staff is very knowledgeable and kind!
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George Crick
June 8, 2019
No longer needed - Google now has this built in
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A user of Remove Duplicates
June 10, 2019
Hello George, Our Remove Duplicates offers far more advanced functionality. It colors, copies, moves, clears or deletes not only dupes, but also uniques and the 1st occurrences. It scans not only rows, but single cells as well, and compares sheets and/or columns for dupes/uniques.
A User of Remove Duplicates
May 20, 2019
Yes, absolutely loved it Guys. Its a must for Google Sheets.
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A User of Remove Duplicates
May 16, 2019
Very easy and useful tools. I wish they could give longer free trial.
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A User of Remove Duplicates
April 19, 2019
I don't normally write reviews but we're a marketing company and we use this tool all the time. Extremely useful. Saves hours.
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Andris Kalniņš
April 8, 2019
Ļoti laba, ātri strādājoša, uzticama programma.
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Josh Johnson
March 18, 2019
Great tool for finding unique/duplicate data out of several data sets. Small thing, but some of the definitions when comparing columns (for example) are confusion and I run it for the column I know are duplicates vs the column where I don't know they are duplicates. So at times have to run it twice to get the output that I need. Aside from that small piece of product feedback, works great every time!
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A User of Remove Duplicates
March 1, 2019
Great tool, even if a bit expensive ;) but I have an issue: when working with large tables (a few thousand entries) it can't complete the operation because of a timeout error. I routinely use it to sanitize large files and this can sometimes be an issue for me...
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A User of Remove Duplicates
January 16, 2019
Useful Add on and helpful staff!
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A User of Remove Duplicates
January 9, 2019
This tool is absolutely wonderful it saved me hours of exasperation and it worked flawlessly.
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