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Restyaboard for Gmail
Restyaboard is a self-hosted software and your instance URL should be publicly accessible. Using this add-on quickly create new cards on your Restyaboard boards without leaving your inbox.
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Restyaboard is an open source Trello alternative. Restyaboard Add-On for Gmail helps you create cards in your Restyaboard instance from Gmail for better productivity.

* Keeps your boards and inbox connected
* Instantly create cards and tasks from your emails
* Set due date of your cards from Gmail
* Turn email into Kanban board for visual collaboration
* Cleanup your inbox - Turn your emails into actionable to-do list with visual cue. Keep your inbox clean and tidy.
* Automation - Email subject becomes card titles and email content becomes card description automatically. No copy paste!
* All in one general purpose PMS - Send sales leads and customer issues to Restyaboard. Manage them using Scrum or your favorite development model.
* Organize event from Gmail - Setup an event from received emails and organize that from Restyaboard
* Visual CRM - Send all sales leads to Restyaboard and use it as a visual CRM
* Support ticket management - Pipeline all customer feedbacks and take action visually from Restyaboard Kanban
* The best collaboration tool - Delegate and share tasks that are piling in your inbox
* Trusted by startups to enterprises for data security and privacy.
Alejandro Demetrio Flores Cutti
8 de enero de 2019
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Un usuario de Restyaboard for Gmail
9 de junio de 2018
me ha gustado
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