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Fujitsu RunMyProcess
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At RunMyProcess we offer a cloud platform to help enterprises evolve using the power of connected technology.
We want to help make the world a better place, one rapid solution at a time.

As an early Google Technology Partner our platform has helped organizations of all sizes quickly build connected, streamlined workflows that extend Google Apps and maximize its value for both IT and line of business users. 

Our unique platform is fully integrated to the Google ecosystem, enabling organizations to:

• Use drag-and-drop UI tools to build web forms and mobile applications that integrate data from Google Apps and which are accessible from Android, iOS and Windows by default.

• Easily design business processes that connect people, software and things within end-to-end workflows – including more than 100 pre-configured connectors for Google Apps.

• Quickly design, deploy and run line of business applications that extend Google Apps, using the cloud to simplify delivery, reduce cost and ensure a faster return-on-investment.

• Empower business users to directly create, deploy and publish simple workflows - such as purchase requests or vacation approvals - using our additional EasyBuilder tool.
A User of RunMyProcess
May 24, 2019
it really easy and compliance based service. Your info is in safe hands
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A User of RunMyProcess
March 10, 2019
Wonsderful and very. I liked
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A User of RunMyProcess
June 13, 2017
Best workflow solution I have ever used in the past 10 years!
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Alexander Vermonty
April 8, 2014
To start off, this App has a steep learning curve. Once you put in the effort, it pays off. We started by using the program for one of our hotels over a year ago to create an approval process. Since then, the program has not only become something much more, it has since been installed into a total of 7 our hotels with more planned. It streamlines work flows and is cloud based so no need for physical equipment. I would recommend trying out the trial and seeing how it interacts.
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Alan Falik
September 28, 2011
RunMyProcess has taken the place of our sales / contract workflow in ways we never thought were imaginable. From beginning to end, the process has tied into numerous systems and programs, to streamline a process that once only allowed us to input a handful of sales a day. Now with RMP we are able to push limitless contract through the whole company and grow at speeds. Currently look at RMP as a replacement for everything from our purchase order systems to employee forms. Thanks for the hard work and keep it up!
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James Elkington
April 18, 2011
RunMyProcess has allowed my Six Sigma consultancy business to provide a one-stop-shop which has delivered results far beyond my expectations . Before we signed up as a RMP Partner we would work with a business to redesign their business processes to make them more efficient and effective, before handing over the project to an IT team to develop the automation. Because of the ease of use of the rapid development tools provided by RunMyProcess, not only are we now able to provide the 'what to do' but also deliver an end to end solution to do it. All this in days rather than months for significantly less cost. RunMyProcess is an amazing tool and we highly recommend it to anyone who needs to control and automate workflow.
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Bash Din
January 17, 2011
Incredible number of connectors to any kind of app/webservice allows super-easy integration and customisation of business workflows. The service is incredible and you can tell RMP wants you to succeed and love the product as much as they do. If you want workflow automation in the cloud, this is the one to go for!
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