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Smart CRM allows scheduling, tracking customer facing activities and linking them to sales results
If your business is selling to other businesses, then you need Saleswah CRM!
NEW! We now have the ability to log meeting notes directly from your phone using the Saleswah CRM for Sales App available in the playstore!

The power of Saleswah CRM lies in an intuitive understanding of the way salespeople work in a B2B setting. Add a Deal – link it to an Account. Add decision makers from the Contact list of the Account; even schedule Tasks and appointments against each of them.

Run marketing campaigns by using HTML templates to a selected few in your database. Track and follow sales opportunities from inception to close.

Saleswah CRM brings in intuitive user interface, logical navigation and just the right insight making this a delight for salespeople to use. You can create and update Contacts, Accounts, Tasks and Deals and get rare visibility into how they are related to each other. 

Thoughtfully designed screens keep you updated about the “value” of the individual Contacts and Accounts. Know how many Contacts exist in an Account, how many “open” Deals are there and how many Tasks are pending. Jump straight into the pending Tasks and Open Deals. 

Saleswah Lite Dashboard shows updated business metrics and urgent action that you need to focus on. A new comment has come in on a Task record? The forecast for the month, the pending Tasks, they all show up as do the won and lost deals and total deal funnel, number of Contacts and Accounts.

Saleswah CRM works on your web browser, Android phone, Windows 8 desktop and phone. 
Sign up for a 30 days free trial of the full app; upgrade to a paid account to continue using the full app or use the Basic app to continue managing your contacts, accounts, tasks, appointments and sending proposals for free!

App features:
Manage Deals through all stages of the funnel through to close.
Schedule and follow up on Tasks and Appoointments, link them to Deals.
Sync your contacts with Google Apps.
One click contact import from Microsoft Live and Google
User driven customization of products, markets, SMTP, logo, tasks.
Multi-currency, multi-time zone.
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