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Equip your business to smartly manage its TIME, WORK and BACKOFFICE by unlocking the power of information with one unique platform.
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SAPENTA is a smartworking platform (SWP). An all-in-one cloud-based enterprise software that powers businesses of any size or activity to manage projects, teams and backoffice to work more efficiently, to save time and costs, to increase team engagement and productivity. 

It is customisable, scalable and adapts to your specific business needs

Smartworking for productive workplaces. Simple, Smart, Secure.
February 4, 2018
Kamil Jaszkowiak
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A Google User
January 29, 2016
DTS-0129201610:18 Hello, RE: Sapenta Review Sapenta is a platform that uses the solo top / trickle-down approach in design. For example, the administrator is the account holder and "billing agent;" whereas, everyone else in the lower tiers are independent contractors or independent representatives, in other words contract purchasers or contract vendors. The platform isn't good for sales because the cost of ownership will go negative; licenses would be paid for ghosts (users with no real function.) There are minor issues with the platform such as currency valuations not changing or adjusting meaning the paperwork would never be accurate without oversight. It's certainly not for use in the U.S. I feel the ROI would exist if the Expedia widget would permit changing the affiliate code to the administrator. Sapenta overall is a decent platform, though it lacks the case studies as noted above. The platform in itself is uncertain because it is an island. I tested Sapenta for GAPPs w/o the marketplace installation as it still operated. Meaning the GAPPs marketplace was just a bookmark attributing to no real user provisioning; again just an island limiting the real cost of ownership. In any case, the last update was 2014. Thank you, --- MMS
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