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Manage and create periodic bulletins from form submissions. Automatically delete outdated submissions and bulletin sheets. Includes link to required form.
Manage and create periodic bulletins from form submissions. Choose to include Pledge of Allegiance, quote of the day, and birthdays.
School Announcements Easy is designed by an educator for use in the school environment, but can be used to create periodic bulletins in any organization. The first secretary who used this had previously created the daily announcements in Word by copying and pasting items sent by email. After using School Announcements easy in its earliest form, she reported saving over an hour a day, and significant stress relief!
Rather than collecting bulletin content from organization members by email, School Announcements Easy uses a provided form to feed a Google Sheets document. Items are allowed three calendar days (adjacent or not) before expiring. Use the sidebar to create daily announcements, bulk delete old entries and bulk delete old announcements. This system saved its first user an hour a day!
To create a bulletin, simply open the School Announcements Easy sidebar. Choose a date from the date picker, click Create, and watch your daily announcements get created! The only issue is that you don’t even have time to sip your coffee before it completes-it’s that fast! Print your document or save to pdf as you would from any other Google Sheets. 
School Announcements Easy includes a setup sidebar that creates the needed sheets in your spreadsheet and a link to get your own copy of the needed form. 
Open Setup Instructions from School Announcements menu in Add-ons. Click on link in step 1 to copy the form for this app. In form editing interface, click Responses. Click green sheets icon and select the Sheets document you will use this app with. This will create a sheet/tab named Form Submissions. If you plan to use the Birthdays function, click “Setup Birthday Sheet” button to create the Birthdays sheet. You will need to add birthdays to the columns from your database export.
School Announcements Easy includes optional Quote of the Day from our database. Naturally you can replace them with your own if you choose, but School Announcements Easy provides inspiring quotes useful in any environment.
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A User of School Announcements Easy
October 21, 2019
Not working at all. No contact from support. "Setup" not even shown as an option. Very disappointed.
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Kyle Pindar
January 8, 2020
It was working for me, now it only shows "help" as my option to open the add-on. Any idea on when might be updated?
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A user of School Announcements Easy
January 1, 2020
I do apologize for this. I'm pressed for time and working out a solution to be sure it works for all users. The upgrade that caused this may have been too ambitious.
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