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Scratch Blocks
Create and insert blocks for MIT's Scratch programming language into your Docs and Slides just by typing.
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This add-on helps you generate blocks for MIT's Scratch programming language and quickly insert them into your Google Docs and Slides. You can create these blocks just by typing text.

Use this add-on to create posters, code planning sheets, unplugged activities, and more!
Brian Smith
February 9, 2020
Pretty great. It saves me a bit of time from exporting and uploading blocks images from Scratch. Just a bit, because you still have to write the code. I really like it because it forces one to understand the code. Could this be used for kids to write pseudocode in Google Docs? The red blocks would be a clue to understanding the proper syntax and types of inputs and reporters. Would be even more awesome if you could click on the blocks to edit the blocks further.
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A User of Scratch Blocks
June 6, 2019
This app is a bit of a disappointment. The created tiles are generally red, though I had one appear in yellow. For example, when I typed in, "move 10 steps (which is a blue tile) it made it in red and almost always does the same with other commands. Frustrating and destroys the usefulness of the add-on for classroom instruction, which is too bad because it could allow for the easy creation of instructional slides. The tiles are adjustable in size, but the color of the tiles are not reliable. Please fix this! It could be a great Add-on!
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A user of Scratch Blocks
January 8, 2020
Just like others have said, if you use the correct syntax it seems to work just fine for me. Check to make sure you spelled everything correct and are using the syntax described in the guide.
A user of Scratch Blocks
January 6, 2020
It works if you use the words it says to.
A user of Scratch Blocks
June 21, 2019
I'm sorry this was giving you trouble! When blocks turn red, that means they aren't recognized as valid Scratch blocks. That often means a minor character was left out. For example, blocks that allow the user to type a value need those values to be surrounded in square brackets [ ]. The move block should be written as move [10] steps and then it will be recognized and turned into the right color. To see a full list of the syntax required for each block (including custom blocks), click "what do I type?" above the area where you type the blocks.
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