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Search Analytics for Sheets
Retrieve data and create automatic backups from Google Search Console™ into Google Sheets™.
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Search Analytics for Sheets allows you to:

1. Retrieve query, page, clicks and other data on-demand for any of your verified websites from Google Search Console's Search Analytics directly into Google Sheets.

- supports grouping and filtering data by "Query", "Page", "Country" and "Device"
- offers data on "Clicks", "Impressions", "CTR" and "Position"
- no limit on how much data can be pulled (only limited by the Google Sheets limit of 2 million cells per spreadsheet)

2. Create automatic data backups in Google Sheets

- backup daily or monthly Search Analytics data for any site or property set in its own spreadsheet
- create unlimited number of backups
- create both aggregated-data backups as well as grouped/filtered backups

Visit for full documentation of what the add-on can do.


2019-10-30: Version 55

- Fixed backups not getting deleted automatically

2019-10-27: Version 54

- Disable backup on most errors

2019-04-04: Version 49

- Added handling multiple signed in accounts issue and domain properties

2018-07-26: Version 48

- Added the new 25,000 row limit per query

2018-06-22: Version 44

- Now includes the full 16 months range of data available to request

2017-10-22: Version 37

- Now works with property sets as well!

2017-09-08: Version 36

- Upgraded to the latest OAuth library

2017-06-01: Version 35

- Added daily backups!

2016-11-13: Version 29

- Added Google Analytics tracking code

2016-31-10: Version 25

- Fixed newsletter subscription from notification.

2016-31-10: Version 24

- Added notification for new version.

2016-31-10: Version 23

- Added option to retrieve more than 5000 rows. 'Cleanified' code to make it easier to add new features later.

2016-08-13: Version 11-16

- Tested and fixed authorization bug when property sets are present.

2016-06-09: Version 10

- Fixed small issue during authorization.

2016-06-08: Version 9

- Fixed small issue causing backup cycles to execute every day.

2016-06-06: Version 8

- Fix to backups not running due to trigger not being executed.
- Added the ability to run a backup cycle right away when activating the backup.

2016-05-17: Version 7

- Small fix for a notification that showed up if the user wasn't authorized.

2016-05-16: Version 6

- Small fix to issue that caused backups to run every day, despite completing successfully.

2016-05-15: Version 5

- Fixed MAJOR issue with fetching available date ranges from Google Search Console. If you had issues authorizing the add-on until now, this should fix it.
- Added the ability to view all active backups (the spreadsheets where backups have been created with your current user account) in the 'About' tab. This will only work with backups created started with this version.
- The backup option that allows you to save aggregated data as well no longer applies filters. You'll notice that the sheet name containing this data will change as well (starting with the next backup cycle).
- You can now subscribe to be notified by future updates via e-mail using the Subscribe button in the 'About' tab.
A User of Search Analytics for Sheets
November 13, 2019
I am getting an error message when trying to pull data for a retail site that's quite new that says "Requesting data failed due to the following error: Exceeded maximum execution time". This plugin I have even written a blog post about, but this data set isn't that big and the timeout happens after about 3 minutes.
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A User of Search Analytics for Sheets
November 6, 2019
Love the premise, however I'm unfortunately getting an error when I try to use this: "Sign in with Google temporarily disabled for this app" - is there a way to resolve this?
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A User of Search Analytics for Sheets
October 23, 2019
This is great. Works really well. My backup is only giving me a single line of aggregate data. Is this by design? If so, would be great to be able to select, 'run as backup' when creating a 'request'. Also, would be REALLY helpful to: 1. Have multiple backups (ex: for different sites) 2. Have the ability to overwrite data in a tab with your backup
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A user of Search Analytics for Sheets
October 29, 2019
Hey Kyle, Did you select any grouping dimensions when you configured the data? If you haven't, you'll only see the aggregate information. Regarding your other requests: 1. Multiple backups are possible, however you'll need a separate spreadsheet for each backup. 2. Currently this isn't possible, but I've received other similar requests so this might be something I'll add fairly soon. Thanks!
A User of Search Analytics for Sheets
October 16, 2019
this tool is useful but after 12th October 2019, it stop working
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A user of Search Analytics for Sheets
October 29, 2019
Hey Saket, Can you let me know if you're getting any errors? The add-on should be working normally. Thanks!
A User of Search Analytics for Sheets
October 1, 2019
Absolutely love this addon Wanted to suggest a missing feature that could save tons of time. Extracting data with comparison data ranges --- Now that could be done just with 2x Extract data with different date ranges and then connecting data with Vlookup Thoughts?
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A user of Search Analytics for Sheets
October 29, 2019
Hey Konstantine, Thanks for the feedback! The main idea of the add-on is to retrieve raw data, allowing you to apply whatever filtering, formulas or other calculations you need afterwards. However, I will keep this in mind for future development, as it shouldn't be very hard to implement. Thanks!
A User of Search Analytics for Sheets
September 15, 2019
Simply awesome! It is so helpful to have all the data into one sheet. Thank you very much.
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Addam Hassan
September 5, 2019
Simply Amazing
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A User of Search Analytics for Sheets
June 7, 2019
This is possibly the best truly free add-on for someone regularly working with GSC data. Off course, if you have access to GA (and hooked GSC into GA) and you are dealing with people that believe everything as long as it comes from a GA report (accepting or ignoring all the GA shortcomings) then you might not need it that much. However, anyone wanting to get more insight out of GSC data (than what GSC allows you to get to within GSC) will need this add-on. It allows you to get the data out and then work with it in Google Sheets or you move it somewhere else so you can add log file data, other marketing metrics or just long term archive it.
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A user of Search Analytics for Sheets
October 29, 2019
Thanks for the review, Helmut! Let me know if you have any feedback on features you might see useful to be added to the add-on. Thanks!
Priit Kallas
May 30, 2019
Very useful to get Search Console data into Sheets.
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Alex Corral
May 29, 2019
Good functionality and relatively quick support replies.
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