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SEO Content Writing Assistant
Help you write content that is SEO friendly and targets keywords to provide best search engine rankings.
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Content writing is a key part of an effective SEO strategy. Search engines are constantly indexing new content every day and if you want to keep up with the competition, you need to make sure that the content you write is the best it can possibly be. That is where this plugin comes to help you out. 

It is true that content is very important, but how you write it is even more important. If you are hoping to have your website show up in Google search results for a particular search term, you will need to make sure the post is optimized correctly, hence the term Search Engine Optimization.

This plugin can be activated on any Google docs document and will help you write content in a way that makes sure you are targeting keywords correctly in your post so that you are sure to have the best possible chance of ranking in search results. 

The process is simple. Once the plugin is activated, you can enter one or more keywords into the text box. Once you start typing, the plugin will scan your content to check whether the content you are writing is of a good standard and whether the keywords you want to target, are actually being targeted. As you type, suggestions will be added to the sidebar on how you can improve the post and will tell you how critical the problems are. The score will be shown at the top and will let you know if you are writing correctly or not. 

IF you have finished writing and your SEO score is looking good, then there is a good chance that this post is going to be indexed for the keywords you want. A good score is of course not a guarantee you will rank, many other people are also likely ranking for the same keywords. This plugin is just a way to get started on the road to getting the number 1 spot on Google search results.
A User of SEO Content Writing Assistant
February 24, 2020
Doesn't work at all.
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A User of SEO Content Writing Assistant
February 10, 2020
Useless. Doesn't work for me.
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