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Connect with Excel, Google Sheets, CSV or TSV. Automatically consolidate, import, export, filter or append multiple spreadsheets.
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► Link your Google Sheets with a variety of sources

-> From Google Sheets
Connect your Google Sheets with other Google Sheets to create systems based on 

-> From Excel (XLS, XLSX, XLSM)
With your Excel files in Google Drive, automatically bring all of your spreadsheet data stored locally to your Google Sheets. If your Excel files are not in Google Drive, you can easily synchronize your local Excel files with Google Drive using the Google Drive plug-in for Microsoft Office ( or Google Drive for Mac/PC (

-> From CSV or TSV
With your CSV or TSV files in Google Drive, automatically bring all data stored locally to your Google Sheets. If your CSV or TSV files are not in Google Drive, you can easily synchronize your local CSV or TSV files with Google Drive using the Google Drive for Mac/PC (

► Only what you need
Use the filter feature to connect (to import or export) and filter data from others Google Sheets, Excel (XLS, XLSX and XLSM), and CSV (or TSV) files and automatically transfer filtered data with a single condition or customize complex conditions using query language.

► Consolidate
Centralize data from multiple sources by using the consolidate function to create a single database for analysis and reporting. This function consolidates only rows that contain data, excluding blank rows, and automatically adjusting to the amount of data in your source files.

► Freeze and Append
Create a historic record of spreadsheet data by freezing spreadsheet values at specified intervals and appending new records below. If the data in your files changes constantly now you can save the data before it changes or save it for backup purposes.

► Distribute
Use the Export feature to easily and automatically distribute data from your Google Sheets to others Google Sheets. Distribute the same data to multiple Google Sheets or distribute unique data using the filter function.

► More features

-> Automatic Updates
Update connections between spreadsheets automatically (hourly, daily, weekly or monthly) at defined intervals without having to open the spreadsheet(s) or execute any manual command.

-> Smart delay
Sheetgo waits for formulas to be executed before consolidating the data to ensure that the source data is ready to be transferred.

-> Peer-to-peer connection
The data in your spreadsheets are transmitted directly from one spreadsheet to another. Copies of your data are never sent to an external database.

-> Preserve Formatting
When the connection is established, Sheetgo preserves the formatting from the source sheet, including column width, fonts, colors, borders, etc.

-> Security
Sheetgo offers the same level of security as Google and all data transmission is done via a secure connection. We do not have access to your data.

-> Notifications
If something goes wrong with the connection between the spreadsheets, users are notified by email and can see the status of all connections in one place.

-> Connections Overview
Provide visibility to all your created connections for easy monitoring of update type, scheduling and status.

-> Collaboration
After creating a connection, other users that have permissions to edit your Google Sheets can run and edit the connections as well.

► (NEW) Templates
Most users install Sheetgo to create systems based on Google Sheets, to help on kick start these systems Sheetgo offers a Template gallery where you can start a system based on Google Sheets with one click.

-> Available beta test templates: Cash flow management

-> Coming Soon: CRM, Sales management, HR management, Budget management, Inventory, management, Grades and Attendance for schools and universities, Analytics and dashboards for startups and small business, Reporting for mid-size or big companies

► Problems solved by Sheetgo
1. Do you deal with multiple spreadsheets and data sources? 
2. Have you used IMPORTRANGE or other formulas and find them confusing, hard to find and manage?
3. Do you suffer from data unreliability or difficulty finding correct data?
4. Do you have to do too much manual updating and copy-pasting? 
5. Do you need traceability of your data and reports? 
6. Does it take you a long time to organize, consolidate (merge) and analyze information making and you are more of a data manager than a data analyzer or strategist?
7. Do you need information to be easily available when and where you need it?
8. Do you want to create reporting and dashboards automatically?
9. Do you want to keep historical records of information daily for present or even future use?

► References
Use Sheetgo for marketing, sales, finance, operations, human resources, engineering, administration. For freelancers, students and school administrators, or executives in hospitality, education, architecture, technology and many more fields. Our existing customers use Import Sheet to easily and automatically connect data, increase the reliability of information, time data imports and exports, create analytics and reports, backup data, consolidate (merge) data, eliminate complex formulas, organize information, and create their own enterprise systems and solutions.

► Support
We have an active user community, and provide email and phone support to assist you in the implementation of a system tailored to your needs Have a question? Contact
A Google User
February 9, 2018
Our company developed an updated budgeting/forecasting process with Google Sheets to serve our entire organization, and we needed to Connect and Consolidate all of the individual Google Sheets in our process. Enter Sheetgo. Sheetgo automatically handles the connection of our 1-1.5M cell Google Sheet models without trouble. Amazing customer service and support. Highly recommend this company/team and the Sheetgo product to anyone looking to incorporate more automation into a heavily-integrated multi-Google Sheet workflow or process. Thank you Sheetgo!
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February 2, 2018
Kamil Jaszkowiak
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A Google User
December 26, 2017
Nice app for small company inventory tracking. The only issue I encountered was running out of pre-paid connections due to automatic overnight updates, but that can be turned off in the settings.
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December 28, 2017
Thank you for your review! We are working on making the use of updates more transparent to the user.
December 13, 2017
Excellent application to consilidate like-files into one master spreadsheet. We are consolidating 17 files from 17 different plants around the world onto one master file to summarize the data! Remember to keep you title heading simple (1-line) , and the app does all the rest for you in 3-4 clicks!
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December 14, 2017
Thank you for your kind words, Drew! We very appreciate it. :-)
A Google User
November 23, 2017
Wow! We are now consolidating 65 sheets (each containing 100's of rows) from different folders at the click of a button. The resultant productivity and accuracy improvement is astounding. The fine grained schedule control allows us to get up-to-date information. The support from Robert and his team has been exceptional as well. This product is going places - mark my word!
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October 24, 2017
This add-on is great for consolidating multiple sheets. I love that I can set it to run at a specific time each week. I also contacted for help and Robert and I video chatted and he helped answer my question quickly and efficiently!
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A Google User
October 16, 2017
Simple and easy to use. Has really saved us time and and improved accuracy which is very important to our non-profit. The help is also easy to access.
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April 4, 2017
Works as advertized, a real time saver. Very reliable.
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Thank you, Louis! I am glad it is working well for you. :-)
March 30, 2017
Does nothing major you can't already do manually, except that adding a sheet on the bottom of another is cool, but you could record a macro to do that in Excel simply enough. You can't import Excel files on your PC, you have to upload them first. Easier to consolidate in Excel first, then upload. Costs money! I stand corrected! It is free, but it wasn't obvious to me as the website didn't show the free version (just three paid options), so it looked like the add-on was free until you reached a threshold of changes. I assumed the lowest pay option would kick in then.
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Absolutely wonderful tool. Our file tracking and maintenance system has been greatly improved since finding SheetGo. Game changer!
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