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Automatically import and export files to Google Sheets. Connect CSV, XLS and TSV files.
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Automatically Import and Export data to and from  Google Sheets, every hour, every day,every week.
Copy and paste and Google’s in-built import functions can be error prone and very difficult and time consuming to use, especially with large data sets. SheetsIE will make the process quicker and easier for you by allowing you to automate the Import and Export of data between files. 

► From Excel (XLS, XLSX) Files
With your Excel files in Google Drive, automatically bring all of your spreadsheet data stored locally to your Google Sheets. Transfer cell formatting at the same time.

► Transfer data to and From Google Sheets
Connect your Google Sheets with other Google Sheets to create systems based on  spreadsheets transferring data between sheets automatically on timed triggers or on demand.

► From CSV or TSV Files
With your CSV (Comma separated or Semicolon separated) or TSV (Tab separated)  files in Google Drive, you can automatically import all data into your Google Sheets files.. 

► Import from published CSV files
You don’t have to have the CSV file in your drive.  SheetsIE allows you to import from the URL address of a published CSV file.

► Unlimited imports
There is no limit on the number of files you can import.

 ► Consolidate Data
Consolidate data from multiple sources to create a single database for analysis and reporting.

► Track Data over Time
You can take snapshots of your data, appending new data to earlier data to monitor how your data changes over time. 

► Export Data 
You can export whole files or extracts of your data to there sheets files which you have edit access to - even if you don’t own them. An excellent way of sharing extract of data with the relevant colleagues
► Secure transfer
The data in your spreadsheets are transmitted directly between spreadsheets you manage. No data are sent to external parties.

► Timed Transfers
Update connections between spreadsheets automatically (hourly, daily, weekly or monthly) at defined intervals without having to open your spreadsheets.

► Spreadsheet interface
Use a simple, familiar spreadsheet interface to manage all your connections.

► Select data to transfer
You can transfer whole sheets at a time or specify blocks of cells within a sheet. Or you can use Google’s query language to select specific rows and columns to import. 

► Email Notification
You can set up notification rules to have the add-on send email notification whenever data have been transferred.

► Pricing - premium features are free for 10 days after which the cost is $12/month for an individual user or $25/month for a corporate license. A Standard, free, license allows you to import 10 files a month. 

SheetsIEis the  the best cheapest and best alternative to Sheetgo, there is no limit to the number of files you can import. You can schedule your imports to tun every hour- at no extra cost, you can import from a wider range of file types and import directly from files published to the web. 

More information and How-to-guides available here -
A User of SheetsIE
September 22, 2019
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A User of SheetsIE
May 9, 2019
This is fantastic. Very powerful. very easy to use. The support is excellent
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A User of SheetsIE
March 20, 2019
Displayed as free, but asking for invoice.....please display as paid...its not ok
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Martin Molloy
March 20, 2019
ts not possible to display it as anything other than free - that is controlled by Google not by the developer. If you look at the other add-ons on here you will see all of them, without exception, listed as being Free. Also, the basic version of the add-on is free - you can run up to 20 automatic imports for free each month. If you want to run more than that you need to decide for yourself how much time this process would take to run manually and whether the time saving and the consistency, is worth $75 a year. If you want to test it to see how much time it might save you you can run it without any limit for 10 days.
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