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“Finally, a Help Desk Solution that focuses on what matters: Time.” 

Track Time Across Your Business. Automatically Generate Invoices. Make Smarter Decisions. 

Why focus on time? 

SherpaDesk is built for folks who focus on time. Most consultants (like us when we launched!) use hours-worked as a key variable in their business. Hours serve as the basis for invoicing, resource allocation, asset replacement, and of course...revenue. 

What about HelpDesk? 

Let’s be clear. We’ve built a robust help-desk solution and we know how important it is to centralize client issues and respond to customers in near-record time. 

Hundreds of customers use SherpaDesk as their go-to help desk solution. Yet when we ask our customers what they love about SherpaDesk, it’s how time appears in every corner of our solution. Hours-worked, after all, guides questions around profit, resource allocation, and brings transparency to customer interactions. 

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➤ Track and manage multiple time and billing rates for each of your customers support requests and projects.  

➤ Provide a fully customized portal for each of the customers you support.  Each portal can be designed to match their respective websites creating a seamless experience as they interact with your organization. 

 ➤ Deep integration into email.  Use email to create tickets, update ticket information and close & confirm customer’s request without ever having to log in into the application.

 ➤ Use our remote assistance to take over your user's desktop and conduct a 2-way chat.

 ➤ Mobile – Using HTML5 the mobile application is available on iPhone, Android, and Blackberry
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May 30, 2018
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