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ShuttleCloud Email Migration
ShuttleCloud is the easiest way to migrate email into G Suite. Formerly known as Carbo.
1,012,302 users
The most reliable tool to migrate your email data into G Suite. We supports hundreds of different email providers from all over the world. Fast, simple and easy!

1. Click on Start Migration to select your destination account.
2. Then provide your source account information and click on Next to confirm.
3. Our migration tool begins migrating your email messages immediately.
4. You receive an email notification once the migration is completed.

All your labels, folders and read/unread status will be preserved. No email will be deleted from the source account.

With ShuttleCloud you can migrate 1 account per G Suite domain for FREE. Additional migrations are US$19.95 per account.

Individual users will only be able to migrate into their own G Suite account. Domain administrators will have the ability to migrate email to and from any account in their domain, and also disable the tool for part or all of their G Suite users.


We are Gmail & G Suite experts migrating over eight million users and more than ten petabytes of data from 200+ providers into Google. Some of our current or past clients include:

* Large enterprises like Comcast, Google, Time Warner Cable, & Yahoo
* Agencies like Saatchi & Saatchi
* Top universities like Harvard, Georgetown, and Stanford
* Small-medium businesses like TechStars and GiveForward

Some supported providers:

* Gmail & G Suite
* Outlook
* Yahoo!
* GoDaddy
* Zimbra
* GroupWise
* IMAP-enabled Exchange

the full list can be seen in .

ShuttleCloud Corp. received a Security Hall of Fame award from Google in 2012, and has a record of providing excellent service and experience related to the Google ecosystem. We are also the only partner integrated natively within the consumer Gmail UI.


For additional assistance, we also offer full access to our G Suite Specialist team for a nominal fee. Our mission is to help you and your team get set up with and thrive within G Suite. From deployment, management, or consultation, every member of our G Suite Specialists team is incredibly well versed in G Suite.
A User of ShuttleCloud Email Migration
February 6, 2020
I think this is a very helpful tool and worth the money in a pinch! Ever been an IT guy who deleted someones mail on their machine? Life Saver! I want to let you know that what is transferred does not appear with the original meta data date sent. They will migrate to your new account with the appended migration time date. This will make 10 year old emails look like they are coming through just now haha. Having them is 90% of the battle in my case, but for organization freaks it will maybe upset some users. The way their technology works that is just how it is. I HAPPY TO PAY 20 for it
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Michael Proffitt
November 20, 2019
This service is great and easy to use. Highly recommend if you have to migrate any Google email between domains or to personal Gmail accounts.
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A User of ShuttleCloud Email Migration
September 16, 2019
Allowed me to migrate my old folders and emails from my IMAP account to my new Gsuite. Fantastic and ran smoothly.
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A User of ShuttleCloud Email Migration
June 6, 2019
This made migrating from GMAIL to G Suite a breeze. After trying to use google migrating tool and experiencing errors after several days of processing we weren't sure we were going to be able to use G Suite. So glad we found ShuttleCloud!
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A User of ShuttleCloud Email Migration
May 6, 2019
Needed an email migration tool to port over some legacy email accounts to G Suite. The G Suite migration tool was way too slow, so I tried ShuttleCloud to see if it would speed things up, which it definitely did. The tool is as simple as can be, and while the user interface could provide more feedback during the migration process, the customer support was ready to respond quickly whenever I had any questions. Would definitely recommend.
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Adam Conrad
February 11, 2019
Running a domain through G Suite we had someone setup with authentication and couldn't access their email account when they abruptly departed. This tool saved the day! We were able to setup a new account and transfer the email. Wonderful tool. Support was fantastic as well - I rebooted my PC and lost the transfer code and they responded promptly with the code and an update.
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A User of ShuttleCloud Email Migration
January 19, 2019
Complete and utter trash. Support is a joke.
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A User of ShuttleCloud Email Migration
January 6, 2019
Used to be really great but now charges $19.95 per migration. Completely useless now. Do not recommend at all!
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Eduardo Fernández
January 24, 2019
Hi, my name is Eduardo and I'm the Founder and CEO of ShuttleCloud. We are a business and we need to pay our employees, office space, etc. We do provide discounts to nonprofits and can also offer volume discounts.
Chris Calarco
November 21, 2018
Used to use this and it was a nice tool when it is was free. Now charging $19.95 per migration!! Going from $0 to $19.95 per migration is excessive, no?? I would think for that amount you would at least get unlimited migrations for a period of time. Nope... 1 migration = $20.
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A user of ShuttleCloud Email Migration
November 29, 2018
business's have to make money every other provider charges $12-20
A User of ShuttleCloud Email Migration
October 15, 2018
I was so happy I stumbled on Shuttlecloud for migrating my emails from one user to another. I looked all through Google's own docs and they only showed how to do it from one GSuite account to another - not within the same GSuite account. And their own data migration tool just wasn't working. Shuttlecloud worked like a charm. I highly recommend it.
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