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Side Study for Students
Students, did your teacher give you a Side Study assignment to complete? This is the add-on you need! Download the Side Study for Students add-on by clicking on the “+ Free” button. Open the document provided by your teacher and launch Side Study for Students from the “Add-ons” menu. Then, type your name and follow the directions to complete the assignment.
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Follow the instructions shown in the slides to get Side Study for Students. Then, you can open your assignments and complete each question with guidance from your teacher and help from your classmates!

· No teacher or student personal data is collected. View privacy policy at

· Reviewed and approved by Google.
· Created by educators with K-12 and higher education experience.
· Programmed by experienced Google developers.

· Extra efforts were made to limit authorizations.
· Drive—needed to create folders for assignments and reports.
· Document—needed to maintain and update add-on.
· Spreadsheet—needed to update report spreadsheets.
· External resources—needed to access trusted 3rd party payment provider.
· Storage—needed to save relevant date in document storage.
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October 5, 2017
I actually like doing homework with this!
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