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SignatureSatori - Email signature management for Gmail
Tool for central management of Gmail email signatures in G Suite. Unleash marketing potential of email signatures and keep your company branding consistent.
614,632 users
With SignatureSatori, you can manage Gmail email signatures for all employees from one place. That will help you to keep the branding of your company consistent. Moreover, you can unleash marketing potential of signatures with a campaign planner.

First-class integration with G Suite:
* Support for Gmail Send As aliases signatures (only application on the market)
* Single sign-on with Google account and use of universal navigation
* Import user data from G Suite Directory (with custom mapping)
* Load user image from Google profile
* Load domain logo from G Suite
* Import Organization Units
* Automation of signature set-up for new/moved users
* Change signatures directly in Gmail settings

Main benefits:
* Centralized signature management - signature templates, groups, user contact details all in one place.
* Design and apply brand-aware signatures to all your employees.
* Different templates for different groups to accommodate multiple companies under one domain or different needs of departments.
* Signature Marketing tool: Plan different marketing campaign for each day with campaign calendar.
* Configure RSS, Twitter or Eventbrite as a source of information that will be automatically placed into your signatures. 
* Self-service page for end-users. Let them enter their personal information on a special page and request a signature change.
* No SMTP configuration. No intervention into e-mail flow.
* Integration of Google Analytics for marketing performance tracking.
* Signatures works also on Gmail for iOS. Tutorials to set signatures on other platforms available.

Application works with all G Suite versions including the legacy free version.

TRIAL OFFER: 5 credits for free. Start consolidating your e-mail signatures with five signatures set for free.
Eric Kozak
February 24, 2020
The Signature Satori team has been incredibly helpful in assisting us to get our highly customized signature just right with custom coding. The platform UI is intuitive and when I've had questions their team has been very responsive to help. Finally, in my extensive research, they seem to have to most competitive and flexible pricing structure that I have come across.
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A User of SignatureSatori - Email signature management for Gmail
February 4, 2020
Fantastic app with top class customer support
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A User of SignatureSatori - Email signature management for Gmail
November 19, 2019
Fast and clean. Very User friendly and recently Priced
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A User of SignatureSatori - Email signature management for Gmail
August 13, 2019
I've used SignatureSatori for many years in my last two posts, in the advertising, marketing and production sectors. Complex signatures are an important part of the companies' branding and identity. SS makes it easy to have multiple identities and different signatures across organisational units and for individuals. I highly recommend it for its ease of use and administration, speed, flexibility, excellent responsive support team and value for money. If you need professional looking signatures, SignatureSatori - you won't be disappointed.
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A User of SignatureSatori - Email signature management for Gmail
May 17, 2019
Who knew you could do so much with email signatures? There's a tiny learning curve, but then you attain Satori! 5 stars for hard working nerds!
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A User of SignatureSatori - Email signature management for Gmail
May 8, 2019
Great, simple, and reliable.
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Nathan Leather
January 28, 2019
Really impressed with this product, handles our large amount of users with ease. The quickness of the support team has been amazing! Made my job (IT Engineer) a lot easier having this app.
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A User of SignatureSatori - Email signature management for Gmail
September 29, 2017
Works very well! Which is saying something--after trying a few different clients this is the only one I've found that ticks all the boxes. The closest you'll get to seamless
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Paul Kirk
August 24, 2017
A great app that is really easy to use, we needed a little help to get things just how we wanted them and the support received was excellent. We now have a professional and uniform signature using information pulled directly from G Suite and managed centrally within the SignatureSatori admin page.
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Larry Barrows
July 13, 2017
We've supported many of our clients designing HTML signatures with Social Media clickable icons and custom fonts. It's a hassle to manage one at a time for each user. SignatureSatori offers an easy to use template editor and really excellent choice of templates or you can customize and create your own matching your precise color and style requirements. The ability to change tag lines, legal disclaimers and marketing messages easily and on a schedule or on the fly for all users at once is amazing. G Suite Admins will love this tool with its centralized control and it's quite affordable for all that it gives you.
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