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Simple CRM System
CRM in a spreadsheet. Simple like Excel, with advanced features of complicated CRMs, just without the complexity. Set reminders & appointments in your calendar, send e-mails & more.
Simple CRM System is a super-simple CRM that looks like a spreadsheet. Just copy your Excel data to the CRM and benefit from reminders, appointments, team collaboration, customer 
history, advanced search and more. It's as easy as using Excel!

Features available:
- Send e-mails using Gmail or Outlook
- Track e-mail opening
- Set reminders and appointments in your calendar from the CRM
- Collaborate on your spreadsheet with your team
- Make phone calls using your phone or Skype/Facetime from the CRM
- View history for spreadsheet cells and see who changed what - no more "who deleted this"
- Make calculations (SUM,AVG,MAX,MIN,COUNT) to calculate sales and other values
- View a list of tasks you need to do, connected to your calendar 
- Make advanced search on your spreadsheet
- Save your common search queries to build your dashboard (what's new? what's open? what's closed?)
- So simple
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