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Copy, share, and manage Google Sites ePorfolios with rosters of students.
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siteMaestro allows you to bulk-copy, share, and manage Google Sites with rosters of students.

User Requirements:
- For use ONLY by Google Apps domain users that have the ability to create Google Sites.  
- Due to limitations in Google Sites API, accounts CANNOT use this Add-on.
- Students shared on Sites created by siteMaestro must have Google accounts -- preferably on a Google Apps for EDU domain.

Site-Copying Features:
- Create a new student roster or reuse any existing roster already-created in the Doctopus Add-on.  Rosters can be updated with new students at any time and are stored for future re-use.
- Before creating new sites, siteMaestro searches for any EXISTING Google Sites that are owned by students on your roster -- great for "handing-off" or sharing management of student Google Sites ePortfolios across multiple teachers.
- For students needing new Sites, select a master site to copy - can be any site on which you are listed as an "owner."  Need not be published as a Google Site Template.
- Set "Exclude" on any student for whom you don't want to generate a site.
- Automatically set (merged) site title, description, and category labels using your choice of fields from your sheet.
- Automatically set the student permission level ("owner" or "viewer") and site access level ("private", "domain only", "anyone") based on your selections.

Site-Management Features:
- Get most recent edit by STUDENT. Retrieves the page most recently edited by the student on each site. Flags all sites where new student edits have occurred since you last checked.
- Get most recent edit by ANYONE. Retrieves the most recently edited page on each site, regardless of who the editor was. Flags all sites where new edits have occurred since you last checked.
- Get all collaborators. Gets all viewers, editors, and owners of each site and lists them in the roster sheet. Flags all changes since the last run.
- Add collaborators.  Allows collaborators to be bulk-added to sites with a specified role... e.g. "Owner," "Editor," or "Viewer"
- Remove specific collaborators.  Allows specified collaborators to be bulk-removed from sites...
- Change student role. Changes student site access to specified role...e.g. "Owner," "Editor," "Viewer," or "No access"
- Remove all collaborators. Removes all collaborators other than you, the current user, from student sites...
- Fetch site visibility. Fetches the visibility and access level of all sites... e.g. Private, Domain can view, Domain can edit, Anyone can view, Anyone can edit, etc.
- Set site access and permissions.  Sets the visibility and access level you want to set for all sites...  e.g. Private, Domain can view, Domain can edit, Anyone can view, Anyone can edit, etc.

Page-Management Features
- Retrieve all pages. Retrieves information, including last update by student, for all pages on each student site...

Written by Andrew Stillman for New Visions for Public Schools
Joseph Murphy
April 30, 2019
Looks like it did exactly what I wanted it to, but it doesn't appear to work with New Google Sites.
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A User of siteMaestro
September 21, 2016
great and very co-operative
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A user of siteMaestro
September 7, 2019
siteMaestro tool is very useful for me, thank you very much for the application.
A User of siteMaestro
October 3, 2014
I always wanted my students to publish and share their work online, but never felt comfortable with requiring students to create their own blog or site. SiteMaestro gives me complete control over my students' websites, and allows me to generate them from my own template. I love that I can change the visibility and editing permissions on all the sites all at once. More importantly, my students enjoy working on their sites and are far more creative and thoughtful than they used to be on paper. This tool has truly enhanced my classroom and I am very grateful for it!
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A User of siteMaestro
September 30, 2014
This is an essential tool for teachers/schools who are looking to manage student ePortfolios using Google Sites/Google Drive. The ability to not only create the sites in bulk, but to manage sharing permissions with multiple users or Google Groups in bulk means less time is spent managing portfolios, and more time is spent collaborating and reflecting on the work in the portfolio. It feels like this is a tool that I've been waiting for, for years! It ran perfectly for me - do pay attention to the warnings that say not to use multiple sign-in when using this add-on. I will be be sharing with many colleagues!
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Kimberly Pollishuke
September 30, 2014
This is a fantastic add-on that allowed me to very quickly get my students working on their digital portfolios that were created through Google Sites. I highly recommend it!
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