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Create a "Contents Slide" listing headings from each slide as links. Options for the position of the slide and number of columns.
This Slides add-on will create a new "Contents Slide" listing the heading from each slide in your deck. Each heading will be a hyperlink to jump straight to the slide. 

Options are provided to choose the position of the contents slide (at the start, after first slide or at the end), how many columns to use and whether to exclude title slides and section headers. 

The contents slide will use the same theme that you have in use and will update if you change your theme. If you have lots of slides, the font size will be reduced to fit.

Note: An option to select the layout to use is shown if your presentation does not include the default "Title and body" layout. Only layouts with a "Body" element (text box) will be available to choose from.
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A User of SlideContents
October 7, 2019
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WindowDressers CIO
April 23, 2018
I was thrilled to find this tool. I use Google Slides to create a comprehensive library of slides for training on use of our software. This tool effortlessly creates a table of contents (TOC) so users can browse the collection and choose the relevant slide for their topic of interest. The application is not perfect, but I gave it five stars simply because of the huge effort it saves relative to creating and updating such a TOC manually.
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