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Slides Progress Bars
Add progress bars to your presentation!
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Adds a progress bar to the bottom of a presentation indicating how far the viewer is in the slides.
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A User of Slides Progress Bars
January 3, 2019
Did not work at all.
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A user of Slides Progress Bars
April 16, 2019
Its at the bottom of the slide its a progress bar not a fraction as advertised.
A User of Slides Progress Bars
November 27, 2017
The concept is nice, and the progress bar is somewhat customizable, but the bar doesn't update on all slides; you have to manually change each progress bar in each slide, which can get pretty annoying if you have a long presentation. Also, once you add a new slide, the progress bar does not update. Each time you make a new slide, you have to click on "Show progress bar" to update the bars for each slide.
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