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Solve CRM
Modern CRM with features to manage projects.
Norada Corporation
40,717 users
Solve is a modern CRM that integrates features to manage client projects. It's ideal for teams in that need a flexible, inexpensive and integrated solution. 
Solve CRM has earned the designation as an official "Google for Work Premier Partner".  

Free no-hassle 14-day trial (with support).


* Synchronization

Solve’s two-way Google sync lets you mirror your Google mail, contacts and calendar in Solve.

* Gmail Gadget

The Gmail Contextual Gadget pulls Solve CRM right into your Gmail window, showing off a clean, at-a-glance view of everything your team knows about the person behind the message. All this right from within the email message! Also, rather than jumping back to your CRM to lookup other contacts or projects related to the sender, the Gadget lets you browse through Solve, keeping you focused and efficient.

* Linking Emails - Dropbox

This industry leading feature lets you automatically link your existing and future Gmail emails, to your Solve CRM contacts using Gmail labels. It also lets you easily share and unshare important emails with other members of your team. With Solve, you can also customize how emails link to contacts and projects on a record-by-record basis and in the case of projects, on a email-by-email basis. So if too many emails are linking to a certain contact, you can dial it down, or if a certain email is not linking to a project, you can force it.

* Google Sheets Report

Reporting gives you perspective on customer trends and lets you answer ad-hoc questions about your business. Solve CRM has useful activity reports, so you see what is going at a glance, as well as expanded data reporting to add context. These catch the usual suspects, now look further ahead. Remember those days when we hoarded data into Excel where we could slice-and-dice at will? With the Solve CRM Google Sheets add-on you can pull your Solve data directly into a Google Spreadsheet where you can manipulate it, apply formulas or turn it into a visually compelling chart.

* Google Docs Mail Merge

Solve’s mail merge Add-on helps you quickly fill out standard documents such as contacts, invoices and proposals with data in Solve. Just create templates in Google docs, and then replicate them at the push of a button, pulling in Solve data. Create a document, a set of documents or even a sheet of labels. Merged docs are saved in your Gmail Drive where you can share them, print or download them as a PDF.

And much more ...

Rich Warren
November 19, 2018
Sove CRM is one of the most customizeable and easy to use CRMs on the market. Their customer support is fast and friendly. I would highly recommend using them for your business CRM needs.
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Kylie Park
December 12, 2016
Just wanted to mention how great the help staff are, very quick to respond and problem solved swiftly. Thanks
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Richard Grabowski
September 21, 2016
Nice app. Well integrated well google.
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Garry Russell
July 26, 2016
Very productive CRM, easy to use on laptop and Android. Works flawlessly with Gmail, Google Calendar etc. Customer support is fast and efficient, but rarely needed.
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Greg Lipoth
June 17, 2016
I am a Maximizer / Act refugee and grew tired of unreliable data sync issues and being forced into endless software upgrade cycles. As a cloud based solution, Solve360 obviously took care of those issues, but even more to my pleasant surprise, the workflow actually reflects how we work. It is very simple, yet adaptable. Our ability to search and view data in a variety of ways is excellent and useful. Solve360's integration with Google Apps is simple to configure yet comprehensive in scope. The passion for the product is evident in the prompt and well thought out replies to all inquiries that I have made - both before I committed by way of subscription and after. When I say promptly - I mean quick. As the owner of a small business, I truly appreciate the owner's passion for his craft - and that's how it comes off with Steve & Mike. I have vetted pretty much every available CRM solution. both hosted and cloud based - over 10 for sure. I would highly highly recommend this service over the rest.
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Ray Ortega
May 23, 2016
This is one of the best CRM programs. Very flexible - no matter how business changes I can adapt Solve to track everything. Very useful CRM system from our brokers to our PM’s on construction teams very reliable and easy to use from the very start. One of the best features is the help feature listed right on site to get answers back to serious and not so serious questions, Solve team is always there to help keep you moving forward. I would recommend this CRM above all others, Solve 360 does great work and it shows in their product and support.
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Philippe Pakter
April 8, 2016
This Solve CRM system is packed with useful and intuitive features which make me more effective in my work, which help me stay on top of the information I need to manage, and which help me nurture the relationships I need to nurture. And it's straightforward and easy to use- in the same way that I learned how to use an iPhone simply by using it, this has been my exact same experience with the Solve CRM- I'm learning it by using it. The Solve CRM has a beautiful, powerful, elegant simplicity to it which I've never seen in any other CRM, contact management system or database at any price. This is a really excellent and well designed system, I highly recommend it.
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Susan H. Easterday
April 2, 2016
Solve360 is a great online CRM--no software! Changes update quickly and are shared with others immediately. The customer support team is amazing--so quick and follow through until they are sure you are satisfied. I don't have that experience with other online tool support. I love the tag options that allow us to segment very easily.
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It Dept
March 23, 2016
The best CRM! Support & Service extended to users nothing more I can say
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Kevin Chalk
March 23, 2016
I've been using Solve CRM since 2012 when I hooked it up to our Google Apps domain. The integration with Google is first rate and rock solid and means that all inbound and outbound communications are on the same page. The ability to highly personalise the info and fields with Solve CRM to our business processes yet keep the interface clean and simple is really powerful. On the rare occasions I've contact support, the response has always been fast and helpful, with a clear intention to inspire confidence. Despite being shown many other CRM's I've yet to be swayed.
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