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Gmail Add-on for Sortd
Sortd for Gmail is a is a simple, lightweight add-on for Gmail™ and G-Suite™ that will help you grow your business, close more deals, manage projects and get more done as a team - right from your email!

Deliver an exceptional service experience for your customers - increased efficiency, no more emails slipping through the cracks, and faster turnaround times.

✪ Drag and drop email organization
✪ Trello-style Kanban Boards
✪ Contextual team chat in email threads
✪ Email open tracking
✪ Sharing
✪ Contacts
✪ Notes
✪ Follow-up flags
✪ Reminders, and more...

Brought to you by the makers of the Sortd Chrome Extension for Gmail
★★★★★ Rated the #1 APP FOR GMAIL on Product Hunt

Organize email communication with customers, follow-ups with suppliers, and plan and manage projects - with ONE simple tool in Gmail that gives you and your entire team complete visibility over the status of work, and keeps everyone aligned.

Streamline processes and manage remote work with ease.

You spend your time in your email – get rid of the separate systems and hacky spreadsheets you use to keep track of work and use Sortd instead!

Your entire team can now easily see who's working on what, with a transparent view of both email conversations and team tasks in the same place. Everyone now has a single version of the truth and your team can be better aligned than ever.

No more looking for information in multiple systems - with Sortd everything is organized, and accessible, in an app that you are already using.

This tool is a great alternative to:
 - Asana
 - Trello
 - Streak CRM
 - Copper CRM for Gmail
 - Insightly
 - Yesware
 - Cirrus Insights
 - Zoho CRM
 - Base CRM and Sales Tracking
 - Pipedrive Sales CRM
 - Contactually
 - Boomerang for Gmail
 - Gmelius
 - Mailtrack
 - Sidekick

Sortd is great for managing anything you do a lot of in Gmail.

- Build sales relationships and manage your sales pipeline without the need for a bloated CRM.
- Manage your hiring process and tracking applicants through your process.
- Collaborate with your team, assign tasks and manage projects.
- Deal with customer support.
- Account management (delight your customers by being on top of your game).
- Plan events and manage registrations.
- Manage email and web form leads.

Ideal for teams and businesses looking for a simple, cost effective, powerful solution for crucial functions like sales, account management and customer support - right inside Gmail.


into a powerful Organizer and Sales Acceleration tool.

with customizable list names.

know when your emails are opened

create shared workspaces that you can share with your team

for each of your contacts so you can see a history of every interaction with customers and prospective customers (notes come up every time you open any email from a particular contact).

Enough said.

so you can plan your day the way you want to right from your email Inbox.

for both Tasks and Emails.

✪ SNOOZE IMPORTANT EMAILS that you don’t need to deal with right away. They will come back into  your Inbox at a later time for you to deal with.

can be moved through your sales pipeline. Each deal card has its own notes, reminders and activity tracking.

give you a quick and understandable insights into your sales pipeline and what needs attention.

builds your customer database as you work your deals in Gmail.

Sortd adapts to the needs of any business in any industry.  Get your email, tasks, projects and teamwork all Sortd!

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us on
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Geoff Kendell
April 19, 2021
I've found this to be an incredibly useful app. In its simplest form it allows for email actions to be organised and managed, in particular the ability to pull multiple email threads together under a single header makes like that much easier. I invested in the paid version for myself, to get the additional features and groups, which really took things to the next level for me. I try to follow the "GTD" principles and this neatly fitted into my system.
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Bridie MacFarlaine
April 16, 2021
Love this App that integrates with my Gmail. It is so useful for a visual person like myself. I love the colour codes and reminders and organisational layout of this extension. I just wish they would offer a continuous free version as I am running out of space
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Martin Peters
April 16, 2021
We use Sortd to manage our company's customer service and customer queries in Gmail. It has improved our service levels, and know who is responsible for a customer response. The team enjoys it as it's easy to use and it works out of the box with Gmail. I can recommend it highly as it makes email more powerful for business and allows us to deliver better than we did before.
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Jimmy Jam
April 15, 2021
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Manager @SDP&A
April 14, 2021
Sortd opens so many doors to working seamlessly as a team when you are not always in the same room - and remembering to do stuff has never been as easy. Sortd has changed the way I do emails and lists - for the better! Thank you for an amazing app - it is a must have and worth recommending :-)
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Rafael Barbieri
April 12, 2021
Excelente producto, muy práctico e intuitivo. Un complemento perfecto para todas las personas que centralizan su mensajes y tareas en gmail. También permite, aunque un poco más limitado, la gestión de proyectos. En mi caso lo uso en forma personal, supongo que para equipos debe de ser aún más útil.
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Kerry Harwood
March 29, 2021
I've been using Sortd for a few months now. It has transformed how I manage my business and email inbox. Before, I had been trying to stay on top of my inbox whilst also updating an CRM, but this brings everything together. My CRM is inside my Gmail! It's as simple as they say: simply drag and drop your emails into your pipeline. In just a few months, I've seen new features added and it's clear that Sortd is continuing to get meatier with more and more cool functions. I don't usually write reviews, unless something is really bad, but Sortd really has changed my business for the better. So thank you!!!! I haven't yet used Sortd with a colleague, but we're expanding soon and I'm looking forward to seeing how it works with another user added. I'll come back and write another review once I've got this up and running.
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mohamadمحمد salmanporسلمانپور
March 22, 2021
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Rodney Kuhn
March 23, 2021
Hi Mohamad, you only included you name in your review. We would love to help but please would you contact support, within Sortd, if you need assistance. Best regards.
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eBook Shop
March 20, 2021
The pleasure is mine
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Mitthu Dehti wala, Travel Videos
March 5, 2021
I love this Gmail app
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