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Spacer creates row spaces by column categories. You can color the spaces, set the start and end point and their thickness.
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Spacer is an Add-On that creates row spaces by column categories.

You can use it to create spaces between sorted category items in a column. 

Instead of going to the end of each category and physically spacing and possibly coloring an item, Spacer does this for you. 

For example: You have sorted a grade report by class sections and you want to put a space between each class section. 

Another example: You have a list of sales sorted by sales staff. You want to put a space between the sales staff to make it more reader friendly. 

Spacer can:

-Automatically detect the width of your columns.
-Allow you to select a column with the categories you want to use to space your data.
-Set the height of your header - so that is not spaced too.
-Set the thickness of your spaces.
-Set the color of your spaces
-Set starting and end position of your color filler.
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October 25, 2018
There is no point... Do not install, wast of time. Just get a google app, not this.
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