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Spinbackup - Security & Backup
G Suite Backup (Team Drives, Google Drive, Gmail) and G Suite Security
604,224 users
Spinbackup is a Cloud Cybersecurity and Cloud-to-Cloud Backup solutions provider for G Suite. 
Thousands of organizations rely on Spinbackup to orchestrate G Suite administration and provide effective threat intelligence, which safeguards critical SaaS data against insider threats, Ransomware, and human error.

Spinbackup, API-based CASB (Cloud Access Security Broker), helps enterprise customers build a cyber-resilient strategy and protect their valuable information against data leak and data loss disasters in the cloud by backing up company SaaS data to a security cloud storage, identifying business risks and security threats and alerting G Suite Admins with any potential data breach. 

Our unique market value proposition is to fully automate data protection by removing the human factor for data security.

Spinbackup provides a “single pane of glass” cloud-to-cloud backup, audit, and data loss and leak prevention for enterprise data. Spinbackup solutions provide G Suite Admins with an ability to apply security measures, enabling them to detect, prevent, eradicate, and recover from major cyber security incidents. Spinbackup custom security policies allow you to configure security settings according to the needs of your organization.

We provide backup and security services for G Suite services (formerly known as Google Apps), such as: Gmail, Google Drive (including Team Drives), Contacts, Calendar, and Sites. Spinbackup is committed to protecting your sensitive information against growing number of threats. Our solutions are SSAE 16 SOC 2 certification compliant, with each object being encrypted with a unique data key using 256-bit AES encryption. Data is encrypted in transit and at rest with SSL.

1. G Suite Security:
 * Gives G Suite Admins full visibility of all major risks for their company, so that they can protect sensitive data from insider attacks and advanced threats.
 * Identifies suspicious third-party apps that have access to corporate G Suite data with automated daily security scan.
 * Blocks apps within the G Suite domain that are not allowed to be used in the company.
 * Protects your company’s sensitive data from being shared with third-party users.
 * Protects customers’ sensitive data (protecting SUI, including PII) by deploying credit card number detection for Gmail.
 * Detects brute force attacks and abnormal behavior from employees.
 * Identifies unauthorized data transfer from a corporate G Suite account to a private one.
 * Uses G Suite domain audit data to support technical analysis relating to misuse, reconstruction, or other investigations.
 * Provides various Security Alerts.
* Uses integrated, state of the art Ransomware Protection for Google Drive (including Team Drives), which enables G Suite administrators to:
Detect the attack
Block the source
Identify number of damaged files
Automatically recover data
Rely on the only fully automated Ransomware protection solution that deploys machine learning algorithms for your Google Drive!

2. G Suite Data Backup & Disaster Recovery includes:
 * Unlimited storage for cloud backup
 * 1x/day or 3x/day automated daily snapshot backup
 * 100% accurate recovery
 * Data migration between G Suite accounts within and outside of the G Suite domain
 * Version control (a.k.a. versioning) and Restore-in-time machine as protection against Ransomware
 * Blacklist for Gmail to prevent suspicious emails recovery
 * Google Drive shared items backup and restore
 * Local downloads
 * Trash bin tracking
 * Retention Policy
 * Advanced search
 * Weekly/Monthly Reports
 * Google Admin сonsole for centralized user management

3. Support
Our cloud backup and security specialists provide 24/7, 365 days a year professional onsite support.
Check out Spinbackup’s pricing for G Suite!
Watch our demo video:
A User of Spinbackup - Security & Backup
October 16, 2019
Super easy to use and it's great that I don't have to worry about backing up.
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Kyle Zeller
October 15, 2019
This is by far the best backup solution for G Suite. It's incredibly easy to set up and works flawlessly. Highly recommended!
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Orthopreneur Team
September 25, 2019
I haven't had to use the backup yet, but it is nice to know it is there. The customer service has been very helpful and friendly. I like that there is a customer success rep that checks in every now and then.
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A User of Spinbackup - Security & Backup
September 12, 2019
Effective automated backup.
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A User of Spinbackup - Security & Backup
September 6, 2019
Incredibly simple to set up and starts backing up immediately. User support contacted me right after purchasing to ensure that everything went smoothly. It offers a lot of piece of mind for a reasonable price.
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A User of Spinbackup - Security & Backup
September 6, 2019
Отличный софт для бэкапа гугл драйва и gmail почты, используем уже больше года, все отлично!
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A User of Spinbackup - Security & Backup
August 28, 2019
The piece of mind I get from this service is unbeatable. It has a nice user interface and friendly support. Spinbackup is a great value for anyone using G Suite.
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A User of Spinbackup - Security & Backup
August 20, 2019
Simple interface. I seldom restore files but the viewing features is user friendly
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Georg Israel
August 7, 2019
Great service. The system works flawless. In the event of any problems, they have a friendly and competent support team. Its good to be protected by this service, but I still hope to never really need them ....
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A User of Spinbackup - Security & Backup
July 29, 2019
Works perfectly! We haven't had a need to restore any files or emails, but the viewing feature is great to have in case files or emails are lost.
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A user of Spinbackup - Security & Backup
October 4, 2019
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