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Addon allows you to run your crypto/stocks mutual investment fund Manage your mutual fund, track portfolio, account investors shares, record performance and publish reports.
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Run and automate your investment Fund in your Google Spreadsheet!
The Addon is focusing on cryptocurrencies and stocks, but can be used with any other assets.

Spreadsheet•Fund completely automates fund's accounting, portfolio tracking, mutual fund units issuance and fund performance recording with full auditability in one Google Spreadsheet:

- portfolio tracking with real-time rates 
- accounting shares of investors (minting, burning and trasnfer shares)
- auto sync balances from exchanges and wallets
- recording of all fund's operations, portfolio snapshots and performance
- automatic reporting of custom data into public spreadsheet
- custom Entrance/Redeem/Performance fee automatization
- notifications to Telegram
- rebalancing & assets evaluation model

It supports 4500+ cryptocurrencies and 10000+ stocks tickers from all exchanges

Auto sync balances with customizable "dust filter" from:
- Ethereum wallet (we sync ERC20 tokens too)
- Bitcoin address (Segwit addresses too)
- Binance
- Coinbase
- Kraken
- Bittex
- Bitfinex
- KuCoin
- HitBTC
- Poloniex

Watch demo video:
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