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Statistics is a package for doing statistical analysis in Google spreadsheets.  Statistics is a point-and-click analysis tool that gets you the most analysis out of the fewest clicks.

Statistics is aware of both categorical and numeric data types, and generates the appropriate analysis for each.  Methods exist for:

* Univariate descriptive statistics, answering the question "What's in each column of my data set?"

* Bivariate descriptive statistics, answering the question "What's the relationship between this variable and other variables?"

* Regression modeling, which can answer questions like:

  - Which variables are the most important for explaining the modeled variable.

  - What value would I expect to see for the modeled variable for a particular configuration of the other variables?

  - About how much would the modeled variable change if each of the other variables were changed one-at-a-time.
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June 9, 2017
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