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Serge Slipchenko
Shared email addresses at the new level. We keep Gmail inboxes of your teams in sync.
Does customer email stay unanswered for a long time, or two or three people answer the same question? We have a solution for you. CC:support@all keeps Gmail inboxes of your teams in sync.

Ray Tomlinson sent the first email message in 1971. Since then email became a primary communication for many businesses and individuals. 

Shared email addresses like support@, contact@ or info@ are primary customer contact points because:
• You do not need to set up or teach your customers how to use email because they already have an email account and know how to use it;
• You do not need to set up and train your employees how to use some fancy UI and workflow because email communication flows back and forth without time pressure or technical barriers;
• You need only to create a shared email address, and your people are ready to work with many customers at once with any workflow that you have in mind.

However, sooner or later you start to see the disadvantages of shared email addresses:
• When multiple employees receive the same email, it is not uncommon that many people reply at the same time or on the contrary leave it to someone else;
• Sometimes the vital information ends up lost in someone's inbox;
• People do not see previous interactions with the customer and re-iterate the same questions;
• The customer gets lost in the conversation with two or more people, which as it seems do not understand not only her or him but each other.

Though, we do not want to sell you a help desk or CRM solution, which will never pay off. We allow you to share communications between inboxes.
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