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Bring your SurveyMonkey data straight into a Google Sheet. Importing your data just takes a few clicks.
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Get actionable survey results with SurveyMonkey. Start with an expert template, or create a survey from scratch. Then turn your data into insights with advanced analytics, and show off your results with custom charts and data exports.
With the SurveyMonkey Add-on you'll be able to import all your survey responses into Sheets and keep them up to date by refreshing responses as they arrive.
A User of SurveyMonkey
October 6, 2018
Nowhere in the description of this add-on does SurveyMonkey disclose that the add-on will not function unless you subscribe to a SurveyMonkey pro plan.
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A User of SurveyMonkey
July 18, 2018
It was awesome, until I realized, that it's not doing it gradually, but you have to re-import it. Everything in my procedure is automated, except this one annoying step, where I have to navigate to the Google Sheet, open this integration and click Import. Wouldn't it be nice, if it had a eventListener and did it itself?
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A user of SurveyMonkey
October 21, 2018
I would also love to see this tool have an auto-refresh. I have many surveys I'm syncing to Google sheets and it is a bit time consuming to manually refresh each one. Based on the volume of responses received in a survey, the manual refresh also takes a long time.
David Templeton
June 26, 2018
Very slow. It is much faster to export from SurveyMonkey and import into Google. Cannot refresh data to obtain new results, merely re-import. Upon re-importing, a column I had added for notes was wiped clean. I hope someone at SurveyMonkey sees the potential in this utility to take it to the next level.
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A User of SurveyMonkey
January 27, 2015
It works ok but is not very functional for me because it does not allow an option to export the numerical values of responses. I can get this kind of report inside of SurveyMonkey. The reason most people want to export into a spreadsheet is to do more calculations, graphing, etc, which is not possible with the way this currently works. I hope they add the option to export values, not text, in the future.
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