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Shared Gmail™ Labels to get your team in sync
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Tandem enables you to share gmail labels. You can share a label with your team and do away with Forwards and CCs. It keeps your inbox more organised which in turn keeps your work more organised. Tandem keeps the information within your team in sync. The unique email feature assigns an email ID to every shared label, this brings information from your external partners to you and your team in a more systematic fashion.


1. Shared Gmail Labels: Tandem synchronises Gmail amongst various collaborators in under 2 minutes. It enables you you to share a label with unlimited collaborators. You can also create unlimited sub-labels which are shared automatically with the collaborators of the root label.

2. Label Email Address: Email addresses are assigned to all shared labels. Each Tandem shared label comes with own email address. Using Google Apps marketplace, enables you to have a custom address like <labelname>@<your_domain>.com
These can be shared with external partners, conversation using these are then sent directly to the shared label thereby automatically sharing with entire team.

3. Easy Administration: One click Google Apps installation. Easy addition & removal of users to shared labels. It provides for integrated billing (one person can pay for all users)


Tandem can have unlimited and various innovative uses. Some are simple and straightforward like reducing spam in your mailbox by giving the email ID of the shared folder to the websites where you wish to remain anonymous. But the major utility can be in your enterprises in many ways some of which are listed below:

1. Project Management
Create and share labels for the various project tasks with appropriate teams.When a new member joins, share this label with him to get him to access all relevant historical information. You can also divide labels as various sub projects/teams.

2. Customer Support
Create labels with various categories of the queries. Share label email ID with your customer. When he emails, the query is shared with the entire team. Using shared labels you can track all conversations between customer and team. Also by using  sub-labels you can assign tasks/tickets to team member and track current status.

3. Sales / Hiring
Create separate shared labels of existing accounts. Share the label email ID with your customer. Any communication from this customer is immediately shared with the whole team. Who in turn can pick up these tasks and assign these emails with labels of their own names. 

Tandem, when combined with standard gmail functionality can be a powerful enterprise tool which can help a long way in organising your office workspace.

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Lee Sivyer
December 19, 2018
When it works it's Ok. When it breaks don't expect to get any support. I've tried every way to get in touch with the developers but I think they must've moved on to the next project because they seem to have given up on this one. They still collect the payments though !
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Admin Chukkle
June 7, 2016
It is best on the market where email syncing is concerned and I have tried a lot of the tools. If you want to share emails/labels, this is the tool to use in spite of it being new on the block. Everything else pales in comparison. Thanks for solving my sync nightmares!!
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