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Easily copy tasks from Google Docs to your favorite task app or calendar!
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You must FIRST setup an account at to use this add-on to select files for TaskClone to process.  For more information, see

Capturing tasks in your notes is easy.  Managing tasks in your notes is HARD!

Let TaskClone get tasks out of Docs and into Google Tasks, Google Calendar, Todoist, OmniFocus or 40+ other task management destinations.  TaskClone monitors the Docs you specify and transfers any added tasks to the destination(s) you choose.  TaskClone also works with Evernote, OneNote and even Paper/Whiteboards.

Save Time
- No more retyping or copying tasks
- Automatically add due dates, labels and more
- Tasks sent in seconds
- Easy setup wizard

Get Productive
- Only service to extract individual action items
- Set up to 50 destinations to specific projects or calendars
- Link back to original Doc for the task’s context

Work Anywhere
- Use any Google Docs app
- Capture tasks offline and sync when online
- Works with paper and whiteboards using our TaskCam app

Stay Safe
- No Google password or credit card info captured
- Only Docs specified through the add-on are accessed and never kept
- Bank-level encryption, secure connections, firewall

Join productive professionals from every industry including Adobe, Roche, NYU, Trane, ServiceNow and many others.

Connect Google Docs, Evernote, OneNote or even Paper/Whiteboards with your favorite task management apps:
- Todoist
- Asana
- Google Tasks
- Google Calendar
- Microsoft Todo
- OmniFocus
- Trello
- Toodledo
- Things, Things3
- Nozbe
- Remember the Milk, RTM
- GQueues
- Tick Tick
- Meistertask
- Wrike
- Pocket Informant
- MyLifeOrganized
- Todo
- Nirvana
- Checkvist
- Facilethings
- GTD Next
- Teamwork
- KanbanFlow
- Ayoa
- LiquidPlanner
- Clickup
- Zenkit
- Marvin
- Skedpal
- Weekplan
- Monday
- Azendoo
- Insightly
- Zoho Projects
- FreedCamp
- ActiveCollab
- Redbooth
- Mavenlink
- Jira
- Flow
- Task Pigeon
- Focuster
- Smartsheet
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