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Team Shared Folder will allow you to change ownership of any files in a Drive folder to a specific technical account to avoid any deletion once document shared with the team.
Automatically change ownership of all files within a Drive folder to a technical account of your google apps domain.

*****   INFO   *****
This application is published in BETA.

***** DETAILS  *****
Team folder will let you setup a folder and change ownership of all files to an account of your domain.

1 - Team folder is designed to work continuously, once setup it will change ownership of all files already in the folder.
2 - After this first round it will continue to work and will transfer ownership of all new files added by users.

***** IMPORTANT *****
Most important the application must be installed by an administrator from the Google Apps Market place before you use it.

***** Pre requisite *****
- Account which will run Corporate Folder application must have a write access to the top folder.
- Account who will get ownership of all files can be any account of the domain.
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