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TEAMsCOM is an organizatioanl network analysis tool for G Suite. It monitors team relationships, performance, and engagement.
TEAMsCOM vison
In the same way, as we are using emails tools for sending emails, as we are using calendar tools for managing meetings, we will use TEAMsCOM to display relationships between employees and their performance and engagement.
TEAMsCOM monitors G Suite activities of each user. TEAMsCOM collect data without bothering.
Compare to a traditional approach, which is based on questionnaires, TEAMsCOM brings an innovation approach in measurement.
- Results are immediately available
- The same methods are applied to everybody
- Results are accurate
- It collects data  without any employees bothering
- Results are always up to date
- Results are always available
TEAMsCOM benefits, examples of usage
- Managing of virtual teams – it does no matter where employees are sitting physically; we have the same information about them.
- Performance monitoring – is everybody involved?
- Risk mitigation – is some important communication missing in the team?
- Progress monitoring – are they working on planned tasks?
- Removing communication gaps – is some important communication missing?
- Performance planning – is everybody involved?
- Change management – do we communicate the changes via involved people (influencers) or via isolated employees?
- Informed decision – do we do decision because we know or just think?
- Career evaluation – the same input information about the evaluated employees mitigates the risk of wrong evaluation
- Team development – we can remove obstacles which are usually hidden
- Talent management – do we train key people?
- Knowledge management – how the knowledge is spread in the team?
- Focused training – do we train the right people? Do we train the right topics?
- Team benchmark settings – How the numbers of key parameters look like in other similar teams?
- Instant monitoring – when we face an issue we can immediately check the communication network and employee performance and engagement to find out the reason.
- Network alignment - does our organizational network fit to our purpose?
- Organizational performance - is everybody involved?  

TEAMsCOM summary
- TEAMsCOM automatically shows the relationships and employees engagement in the company
- Outputs are great inputs for managerial decisions. Managers have inputs which they have never had before and had been always longing for them.
- Results are immediately and always available
January 25, 2016
Great tool that supports daily business operation
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