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Tiller Splitter
Get your bank data in a Google Sheet that’s updated each day. A handy add-on to split transactions for easy financial tracking.
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Tiller is a subscription service that feeds all of your bank transaction data and balances into a Google Sheet that’s updated every day. Tiller combines the convenience of an online service with the power and flexibility of a fully functional spreadsheet to give you control over how to track your finances. 

This add-on is a companion to Tiller. It allows you to effortlessly split one transaction into two or more, adjust the amounts, and assign categories for each part of the split. Have you ever made a large purchase from a big box or online retailer that you want to categorize into two or more buckets? This add-on makes that easy. 

If you’re already a Tiller subscriber, you’ll be able to use the add-on right away to start splitting transactions on your Transactions tab. If you’re not a Tiller subscriber, you can find more information at 

To split a transaction, simply select any cell in the row you want to split. Then find the “Split Transaction” feature from the Tiller Splitter menu in your Google Sheets “Add-ons” menu. Next, modify the description, category, and amount for the first portion of the transaction, and then add other splits as necessary to define your spending. 

We’d love to hear from you. If you take time to share a review of this add-on please let us know; we’ll show our thanks with an extra free month of Tiller service for you. Questions or feedback? You can reach us at
A User of Tiller Splitter
August 8, 2018
Most transactions have a sales tax that is a part of the transaction total. I personally would prefer not to split the sales tax into a separate category and it is also tedious to manually split the sales tax between the other categories (this is the reason for my 4 star rating). I do not require the sales tax to be accurate as different items in one transaction could have different sales tax rates applied. My recommendation (and how I have seen other budget apps solve for this issue) is to have a control (i.e. button) that will let you split the remaining balance by the percentage that was split into each category. For example, if you have $5 remaining, $40 in Groceries and $10 in Personal Care then $4 would be added to Groceries and $1 would be added to Personal Care. Thank you.
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James Brown
July 22, 2018
Works as expected. Would be 5 stars if two additional features were included: 1) The categories are not alphabetical. This is really annoying and probably the biggest flaw of the software. 2) It would be great if it somehow indicated that the newly split transactions were splits and not actual transactions. This isn't as important, but would be great to have.
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A user of Tiller Splitter
August 7, 2018
I solved for your first concern by going to the Categories tab and sorting by the Category column. Now when I use this add-on the categories are alphabetized. It may not be the best solution, but it is a solution.
Shannon Huffman Polson
August 29, 2016
Never been easier to split transactions -- awesome.
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A User of Tiller Splitter
August 17, 2016
Perfect for splitting those transactions that fall into multiple categories, fixed my large ATM withdrawals and those retail store purchases.
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