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ToogleBox (Forigotron)
End-user Email recall, Email Search/Track/Delete, Contact Audit/Cleanup, Signature Management, publish notes in a Bulletin Board.
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Email Damage Control Services

A very powerful damage control tool capable of deleting massive spoofing, malware and ransomware like the recent "has shared a document" worldwide WannaCry ransomware attack.

      EXPLORE your domains to find and delete all emails with certain subject, date, sender, recipient, or containing certain words or attachments. 

      DELETE all instances of a target email within the domain; detect external instances.

      TRACK a target email within the domain; detect external instances.

      RECALL AN EMAIL YOU SENT (delete email copies in the recipients' mailboxes). No need to ask an administrator for help.

      AUDIT contacts containing a target email address within the domain.

      REMOVE a target email address within the domain

      This feature keeps address books free of internal contact addresses that do not exist.
      A must for Education (.edu) domains where students become former users. 

Policy Enforcement Services

      Enforce a corporate SIGNATURE by Domain, Org Unit or Individual.

      For internal communications, important messages and reminders... without sending email!

      Easily REVIEW AND UPDATE End User accounts info.

      Easily REVIEW AND UPDATE domain-shared contacts.



tron = machine = máquina = μηχανή = машина = מְכוֹנָה

G Suite = GApps = Google Apps for Work = Google Apps for Education = G Suite for Education = Google for Work = Gmail Business Edition = Gmail for Business = G Suite Business version

damage control = control de daños = controle de dano = ελέγχου ζημιών = ремонтно-восстановительные работы

action taken to limit the damaging effects of an accident or error, or a hacker attack with malware, ransomware or phishing, spoofing = medida tomada para limitar los efectos perjudiciales de un accidente o error, o un ataque de hackers, phishing, spoofing = acções tomadas para limitar os efeitos nocivos de um acidente ou erro, ou um ataque de hackers, ou phishing, spoofing = μέτρα που λαμβάνονται για τον περιορισμό των βλαβερών συνεπειών του ατυχήματος ή λάθος, ή μια επίθεση χάκερ, ή phishing, πλαστογράφηση = меры, принятые для ограничения вредных последствий несчастного случая или ошибки, или хакерской атаки, или фишинг, Вымогательство спуфинг = פעולה שננקטה כדי להגביל את ההשפעות המזיקות של תאונה או טעות, או התקפת האקרים, או התחזות, זיוף

forigo, forigi = delete, deletion, recall, recover, undo send = borrar, eliminar, recuperar, borrado, eliminacion, recuperación, deshacer =  resgatar, excluir resgate, exclusão = διαγραφή, διαγραφή, ανάκληση, ανάκτηση, αναίρεση στείλετε = удаление, напомним, восстановление, отмена отправки = למחוק, מחיקה, כזכור, לשחזר, לבטל לשלוח

Reconnaissance, Recon = Reconocimiento(Exploración) = Reconhecimento (Exploração) = Αναγνώριση = разведывательный = סִיוּר

email = e-mail = correo electrónico = correio eletrônico = Эл. почта - Эл. адрес = אֶלֶקטרוֹנִי

track = rastrear, rastreo = την παρακολούθηση = для отслеживания, отслеживание = כדי לעקוב אחר, מעקב

contact = contacto = contato = e-mail επικοινωνίας = адрес электронной почты контакта = קשר בדוא""ל
February 5, 2018
Kamil Jaszkowiak
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October 25, 2017
Great tool! Powerful and easy to use.
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October 25, 2017
Forigotron is a great tool for Google Apps. It has all the feature set that GSuite has not been able to implement. I highly recommend!!
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December 22, 2015
Forigotron benefits Admins, Managers of ALL departments as well as every worker. As a sales manager I found the Bulletin Board very useful to inform the company of new changes to our intranet site with promotions, tools and new documentation without the need to send a disrupting email that gets lost with time. The Signature Management tool is fantastic to control not only our image but also the messaging to the outside world and it is very easy to use. The tool gives me peace of mind with eMail Tracking and Deletion to prevent confidential information from leaking as our company works in a very competitive environment. Any HR, Marketing, Sales or Security departement of an organization can not go without with a Tools like this one to control information. Now, the best feature is the support we received from the staff, very patient and details oriented, they made sure we took advantage of every benefit offered by Forigoton.
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A Google User
November 12, 2015
Hello, Update 11122015:1705 Found the message-id the company was referencing which requires (1) showing the e-mail header, (2) grabbing the message-id, (3) going to their dashboard, (4) inputting the message-id into the e-mail tracking field, (5) and waiting for the results. Now there are competing platforms that perform this action much easier. I mean, really, Outlook does this with a click of the button. --------------------- Tested and re-tested, haven't seen this app perform anything. I have seen an advert, that I wasn't sure if it was Google or not. I'm started my concern from the invisible box having nothing it. Then test compose e-mails should have a message-id. Well w/o a message-id e-mails aren't tracked nor recalled through the interface. There's nothing there. It's nonsense! Thank you.
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October 23, 2015
Very good application we are extremely happy with the product and the services.
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March 5, 2015
Excellent app, track and delete emails with bad intentions. Its great in case of Phishing attack
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February 5, 2015
Forigotron allows us to validate if we have a contact in our domain as part of our compliance review process, also is a favorite for us when we need to locate phishing attacks or find and delete emails sent with bad intentions. I highly recommend this tool
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