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Voila, you have enabled Webhook in your Google Sheets. Now configure it to send data from google sheets on any event change
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Trigger and Send enables WEBHOOK option in any Google Sheet. Make the best use of Google sheet data by forwarding them to various apps on any change event.

Trigger & Send gives you an option to define webhooks on certain events like form submit or any change.

Trigger & Send has 4 different use cases –
Submit row data whenever google form data is added
Submit the row data whenever any data is changed in a particular row
Forward the entire data of your google sheet or of custom rows and columns
Schedule the data that needs to be posted

Web hook is the best practice to get the data instead of API because of its real time and less resource consuming benefits. Trigger and send gives power of webhook to Google sheet.

This add-on is built by team SOCKET,
Collect, modify, forward. Enjoy!

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Ravi Paliwal
March 10, 2017
Amazing! This is the app I was looking for years. Thank you very much Socket for enabling webhook option in Google sheet. I have automated auto followup system, your addon sends data to woodpacker and I am happy :)
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