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Twitter Curator
Search, filter and save tweets in a Google Document. You can search Twitter by search keywords, hashtags or use advanced search operators to get the matching tweets.
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The Twitter Curator add-on for Google Docs helps you search, filter and curate tweets right inside your Google documents. Journalists can use the curator to quickly save tweets around a news event, brand managers can use Curator to capture brand mentions while web publishers can use the app to save the best tweets around trending hashtags.

To get started, sign-in with your existing Twitter account and allow the app to connect to your Twitter account. It uses the API to only fetch tweets around your search queries but it will never post tweets to your Twitter account. 

Next enter your search query and it will show the most recent tweets around that topic. Click a tweet to add it to the Google Document. You can search for hash tags, @mentions and all the other Twitter search operators.

For support, email or visit my website at
A User of Twitter Curator
December 23, 2016
When I search, it shows results for a split second then they disappear. I really want this add-on to work!
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A User of Twitter Curator
May 6, 2014
This is a useless app compared to storify. It does not show conversations and you have to search for each individual link. Also proves difficult to delete things.
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Amit Agarwal
October 23, 2015
This is for the purpose of saving single tweets in a Google Document quickly.
Peter Karrer
April 7, 2014
Does a great job organizing and formating tweets onto a doc, but links are not active within them. You can copy and paste the shortened URL's, but they are not active hyperlinks. This would be a nice addition.
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Amit Agarwal
October 23, 2015
Thanks for the suggestion.
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