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Enterprise contact management and email marketing for your Google Contacts
7,094 users
The Universal Contact Manager is the must-have address book application for Chrome OS and for everyone with a Google or Google Apps account.

The user interface has been carefully designed to run on small netbook screens as well as on your big screen at home or in the office.

The Universal Contact Manager lets you manage and share your private contacts, domain shared contacts and user profiles within a single streamline application.

* Full featured editor for domain shared contacts for all Google Apps including photo and group support! 
* Send out personalized mass mailings using the built in SmartMail tool
* Share selected group of contacts between different accounts, even between different domains! 
* Share contact between Google accounts and Google Apps accounts 
* Fine grained permission control for shared contact groups 
* Automatic incremental backup
* You can even share your user profiles or domain shared contacts across domain boundaries 
* Tracks all changes so that you can revert every single change or recover lost contacts or groups 
* Manage an unlimited number of contacts, only selected contacts will be sent to the client 
* Allows batch editing of multiple contacts
* Assign group membership by drag and drop 
* Manage and edit domain user profiles and groups within the same application 
* Support for structured fields (Given name, Family Name, Street, City etc.) 
* Search and sort by given name, family name, email, phone and update timestamp 
* Built-in postal address validation and autocompletion
* Login with your regular Google account or Google apps account 
June 9, 2017
Seemed like a really great system when you watch the tutorials. Half of the functions seem to be disabled now due to low maintenance, examples would be Enrich Contacts and Auto Address Finder. It could've been a very helpful app if not for the lack of upkeep on the product.
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April 21, 2016
This is amazing software if you need to send the same personalised email over and over again, to one or many contacts. You can set up and manage many email templates containing standard or custom fields from Google Contacts. You can also set up snippets and dynamic content to add the email. You can easily send that template to all the right people in one go. It syncs with your Google Contacts and the groups you've set up in Google Contacts. Then just select one, some or all contacts, in one, any or all groups selected. This saves me so much time. Thank you Floreysoft!
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December 1, 2013
completely unusable, connects to ucm website and becomes so slow, probably storing all your data there too. no thanks
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Does not allow moving anything around such as with drag and drop. That's why Google's system bites too.
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