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Automate your work and let the cloud do the work for you. Merge and print PDF documents right from the cloud.
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From simple mail merge to complex reports, invoices, contracts or creating newsletter campaigns - Ultradox allows you to build amazing stuff within minutes by combining the power of several cloud services like GMail, Google Forms, Docs and Sheets.

Generate beautiful and personalized PDF documents from  your own templates by turning Google Docs into a simple yet powerful template engine.

You can use all formatting capabilities of Google Docs when creating your templates.
If you need pixel-perfect documents with background images and font works you can even use LibreOffice to create sophisticated layouts.

Free plan for sending out up to 250 personalized emails and generate up to 50 PDF documents per month.
After 30 days the free plan will add a logo on each page of the PDF.

Ultradox covers many use cases and you will find ready-to-use examples in the Ultradox template gallery:

* Generating invoices
Ultradox allows you to generate perfectly designed invoices by merging data from spreadsheets, contacts and other data sources into your own templates.
Automatically send out invoices as attachment by mail and upload the generated PDF to Google Drive.

* Create business cards
Generate preliminary business cards by simply picking a contact from you GMail address book.

* Create personalized newsletters
Merge fields from your contacts or from a spreadsheet into the generated documents to send out the personalized PDF documents or rich emails

* Assemble quotes and contracts
You can assemble documents from text blocks by using conditions to quickly compose quotes and contracts for your customers.

* Generate PDF Forms
Ultradox even supports dynamic PDF forms.
Only include the form fields into your document that are relevant for the recipient. 

Ultradox is fully integrated into Google Drive.
Create new or open existing Ultradox files right from the Google Drive interface.
When installing Ultradox from the Google Apps Marketplace, you will also install the Ultradox Add-on's for Google Docs, Forms and Sheets.
November 16, 2017
Esta aplicacion es excelente, da la posibildad de INTERCONECTAR, casi cualquier aplicacion con las aplicaciones de google, la forma mas sencilla que encontre para utilizarla fue, miar y ver que hacian cada uno de los tutoriales... no soy un gran programador ni Hacker ni nada pero realmente da la posibilidad INFINITA de Conectar cualquier cosa con cualquier cosa es EX CE LENTE! This application is excellent, it gives the possibility to INTERCONNECT, almost any application with the google applications, the simplest way I found to use it was, to watch and see what each of the tutorials did ... I am not a great programmer or Hacker nothing but really gives the infinite possibility of connecting anything with anything is EX CE LENS!
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A Google User
November 11, 2017
For us, a small law firm in Brazil, ultradox is a must have solution to automate process, generate documents, eliminate repetitive tasks, and mantain proper control of our workflow. Still lacks a Portuguese version and some users struggle with the interface, but I think it is probabyl the simplest possible interface for such a powerful platform.
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November 4, 2017
So, I install this thing, go to use it and it pops up a EULA, fine, but not only do you have to agree to the terms of the EULA, but you also have to agree to receive all sorts of emails. It says you can opt out of them but to do it you have click on the bottom of one of them and go through that whole opt out process. REALLY? Sorry, I don't care how awesome you think your nifty little app is. I won't agree to strong-arm tactics. PERIOD. The sad part is, I was feeling very enthusiastic about this from the reviews. Seems like a cool idea. I had already thought of a dozen or so people I would recommend it to if I liked it.
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November 7, 2017
Sorry for the inconvenience. Unfortunately we are located in Germany so we are forced by law to implement these kinds of popups in order to comply with the laws in the EU, even if we only want to send out a welcome email with some instructions how to use the app.
A Google User
November 3, 2017
Perfect Application to create tickets for a small event without fees! Easy to learn and easy to use!
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A Google User
October 30, 2017
Ultradox is a great tool. It gives you flexibility to automate mundane processes. I am fairly new using it but am quickly finding it an invaluable tool.
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October 23, 2017
Ultradox is one of great tools you download every once and a while that give you enormous power in an unassuming package. It’s extremely flexible and can be applied to many things. It’s modular. It is very simple to use but can automate swaths of your business. I use it and I highly recommend it. Please be aware that I was offered a free license to this product for an unbiased, honest review.
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October 14, 2017
Just getting started with ultradox, love the integration with G Suite and looking forward to using it to automate some regularly used business processes.
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October 4, 2017
Talk about something easy, useful and efficient. I've been able to, in a week, automate the creation of common documents in our company just through the use of triggering an easy-to-access/manage Google Form. Definitely helping me get my teams on track and organized as we move to becoming a Google house. Great app. Easy to use.
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October 2, 2017
This product is amazing! Support is fantastic, and it just keeps getting better. Once you get your head around the basics, there are so many possibilities!
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A Google User
September 30, 2017
We use this system for creating tickets and it is very useful and powerful for a small event! You only have to think logically and you can create e-Mails, PDFs and more automated in less than a hour. Love it!
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