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uProc helps you to clean, validate, enrich, send or merge all your data with no pain! Squeeze your data easily with Google Sheets.
This add-on allows to clean, verify or enrich any data available in your Google Sheets using uProc platform.

Process any data using verification, validation, enrichment, cleansing or sending methods.

This extension needs a valid uProc account.

Open "Add-ons" menu on Google Sheets and click "uProc for Sheets" > "Open". An Auth dialog will appear. You need to signup in uProc to use Add-on at

You need balance in your uProc account to use this extension. By default, some balance is added to your account after signup to test Add-on.

Complete credentials received by email on Auth dialog. A right sidebar will appear on your sheet.

Select your working area: Sales, Marketing, Marketplaces or IT.

If you work on:

1) Sales: combine uProc for Sheets with Dux-Soup, Scrabin or Linkedin Helper to enrich social profiles, discover email of any profile as well as get decision maker by company and area. Similar capabilities to: FindThatLead, and Lusha.

2) Marketing: verify emails or mobiles, enrich ips or get persons by email to optimize your marketing campaigns. Similar capabilities to: Kickbox, Emailverifierapp, Numverify, IpLocation finder, ... 

3) Marketplaces: lookup any product by code, get top sellers in Amazon. Similar capabilities to: JungleScout, ASINspector, ...

4) IT: access to full tool list easily. 

If you select non IT area, preselected tools are available for you. You can go to area selector clicking on "I don't work on XXX".

If you want to access full catalog, select IT area. Select field to be processed, tool to be applied and set parameters to sheet columns. You can change between "I want to use this column" (value present in your sheet) or "I want to get this column" (new value will be added to your sheet).

After starting, new columns and data will be added to sheet.

You can process next data fields using this add-on:
- account
- address
- area
- asin
- author
- bic
- category
- cif
- city
- company
- coordinates
- count
- country
- credit_card
- cvv
- date
- distance
- dni
- domain
- duns
- ean
- email
- exp_date
- field
- find
- firstname
- format
- fuel_consumption
- gender
- glue
- host
- iban
- imei
- ip
- isbn
- isin
- isocode
- lastname
- length
- list
- location
- luhn
- mobile
- mod
- name
- nie
- nif
- number
- password
- phone
- port
- price_liter
- profile
- province
- publisher
- radius
- regex
- region
- replace
- rest
- role
- selector
- seniority
- separator
- sku
- surname
- table
- text
- texts
- tin
- title
- type
- upc
- url
- useragent
- uuid
- years
- zipcode

And you can use next available tools (grouped by Category):
COMMUNICATION: Country number phone prefix (enrich)
COMMUNICATION: Domain by email (enrich)
COMMUNICATION: Domain has social activity (validate)
COMMUNICATION: Domain social lookup (enrich)
COMMUNICATION: Email discover (enrich)
COMMUNICATION: Email exists (validate)
COMMUNICATION: Email fix (enrich)
COMMUNICATION: Email has smtp server (validate)
COMMUNICATION: Email has social activity (validate)
COMMUNICATION: Email has valid format (validate)
COMMUNICATION: Email is disposable domain (validate)
COMMUNICATION: Email is free (validate)
COMMUNICATION: Email is robinson (ES) (validate)
COMMUNICATION: Email is spam trap (validate)
COMMUNICATION: Email lookup (enrich)
COMMUNICATION: Email social lookup (enrich)
COMMUNICATION: Emails by domain (enrich)
COMMUNICATION: Emails in website (enrich)
COMMUNICATION: Landline phone lookup (enrich)
COMMUNICATION: Mobile HLR lookup (enrich)
COMMUNICATION: Mobile country code (enrich)
COMMUNICATION: Mobile exists (validate)
COMMUNICATION: Mobile has social activity (validate)
COMMUNICATION: Mobile is alive (validate)
COMMUNICATION: Mobile lookup (enrich)
COMMUNICATION: Mobile portability lookup (enrich)
COMMUNICATION: Mobile social lookup (enrich)
COMMUNICATION: Mobile supports sms (validate)
COMMUNICATION: Normalize email (enrich)
COMMUNICATION: Normalize mobile (enrich)
COMMUNICATION: Normalize phone (enrich)
COMMUNICATION: Parse and validate phone (enrich)
COMMUNICATION: Phone exists (validate)
COMMUNICATION: Phone is robinson (ES) (validate)
COMMUNICATION: Phone or mobile exists (validate)
COMMUNICATION: Phone or mobile valid (validate)
COMMUNICATION: Social domain parser (enrich)
COMMUNICATION: Social url parser (enrich)
COMMUNICATION: Valid Imei (validate)
COMMUNICATION: Valid mobile format (validate)
COMMUNICATION: Valid mobile format (ES) (validate)
COMMUNICATION: Valid mobile prefix (validate)
COMMUNICATION: Valid mobile prefix (ES) (validate)
COMMUNICATION: Valid phone format (ES) (validate)
COMMUNICATION: Valid phone format by country (validate)
COMMUNICATION: Valid phone prefix (validate)
COMPANY: Classify by CIF (ES) (enrich)
COMPANY: Company by CIF (ES) (enrich)
COMPANY: Company by DUNS (ES) (enrich)
COMPANY: Company by domain (enrich)
COMPANY: Company by ip (enrich)
COMPANY: Company by name (enrich)
COMPANY: Company by phone (enrich)
COMPANY: Company by social network (enrich)
COMPANY: Domain by company name (enrich)
COMPANY: Employees by parameters (enrich)
COMPANY: Isin code valid (validate)
COMPANY: Normalize CIF (enrich)
COMPANY: Role classifier (enrich)
COMPANY: Social security number valid (ES) (validate)
COMPANY: Valid Cif ES (validate)
COMPANY: Website by company name (enrich)
EDITORIAL: Author lookup (enrich)
EDITORIAL: Book Subject lookup (enrich)
EDITORIAL: Editor lookup (enrich)
EDITORIAL: Isbn code exist (validate)
EDITORIAL: Isbn code is valid (validate)
EDITORIAL: Isbn lookup (enrich)
EDITORIAL: Isbn10 code is valid (validate)
EDITORIAL: Isbn13 code is valid (validate)
EDITORIAL: Multiple Author lookup (enrich)
EDITORIAL: Multiple Book Subject lookup (enrich)
EDITORIAL: Multiple Editor lookup (enrich)
EDITORIAL: Multiple Title lookup (enrich)
EDITORIAL: Title lookup (enrich)
FINANCE: BIC is valid (validate)
FINANCE: Card has valid format (validate)
FINANCE: Card is valid (validate)
FINANCE: Credit card type by number (enrich)
FINANCE: Currencies by country (enrich)
FINANCE: Currencies by ip (enrich)
FINANCE: Currencies by iso code (enrich)
FINANCE: Currency by country (enrich)
FINANCE: Currency by ip (enrich)
FINANCE: Currency by iso code (enrich)
FINANCE: IBAN Lookup (enrich)
FINANCE: IBAN by account (enrich)
FINANCE: IBAN is valid (validate)
FINANCE: Is currency iso valid (validate)
FINANCE: Is valid ES account (validate)
FINANCE: VAT by ISO code (enrich)
FINANCE: VAT by address (enrich)
FINANCE: VAT by coordinates (enrich)
FINANCE: VAT by ip (enrich)
FINANCE: VAT by phone (enrich)
FINANCE: VAT by zipcode (enrich)
FINANCE: VAT data by number (enrich)
FINANCE: VAT exists (VIES) (validate)
GEOGRAPHIC: Address number by search (validate)
GEOGRAPHIC: Cities by phone (ES) (enrich)
GEOGRAPHIC: Cities by prefix (ES) (enrich)
GEOGRAPHIC: Cities by zipcode (ES) (enrich)
GEOGRAPHIC: City by ip (enrich)
GEOGRAPHIC: City by name (ES) (enrich)
GEOGRAPHIC: City by phone (ES) (enrich)
GEOGRAPHIC: City by zipcode (ES) (enrich)
GEOGRAPHIC: Coordinates by ip (enrich)
GEOGRAPHIC: Coordinates by search (enrich)
GEOGRAPHIC: Countries by ISO code (enrich)
GEOGRAPHIC: Countries by currency (enrich)
GEOGRAPHIC: Countries by prefix (enrich)
GEOGRAPHIC: Country Code by name (enrich)
GEOGRAPHIC: Country by ISO code (enrich)
GEOGRAPHIC: Country by currency (enrich)
GEOGRAPHIC: Country by ip (enrich)
GEOGRAPHIC: Country by name (enrich)
GEOGRAPHIC: Country by phone (enrich)
GEOGRAPHIC: Country code exist (validate)
GEOGRAPHIC: Decimal Coordinates (enrich)
GEOGRAPHIC: Distance between addresses (enrich)
GEOGRAPHIC: Distance between coordinates (enrich)
GEOGRAPHIC: Distance between ips (enrich)
GEOGRAPHIC: Distance between phones (enrich)
GEOGRAPHIC: Distance between zipcodes (enrich)
GEOGRAPHIC: Distance equal (validate)
GEOGRAPHIC: Distance greater (validate)
GEOGRAPHIC: Distance greater or equal (validate)
GEOGRAPHIC: Distance lower or equal (validate)
GEOGRAPHIC: Exact address by search (enrich)
GEOGRAPHIC: Exact address exists (validate)
GEOGRAPHIC: Exist zipcode by prefix (validate)
GEOGRAPHIC: Location by coordinates (enrich)
GEOGRAPHIC: Location by ip (enrich)
GEOGRAPHIC: Location by landline phone (ES) (enrich)
GEOGRAPHIC: Location by name (enrich)
GEOGRAPHIC: Location by zipcode (ES) (enrich)
GEOGRAPHIC: Locations by parameters (enrich)
GEOGRAPHIC: Lower distance (validate)
GEOGRAPHIC: Names by prefix (enrich)
GEOGRAPHIC: Normalize address (enrich)
GEOGRAPHIC: Normalize city (enrich)
GEOGRAPHIC: Normalize country (enrich)
GEOGRAPHIC: Normalize province (enrich)
GEOGRAPHIC: Normalize zipcode (enrich)
GEOGRAPHIC: Parse address (enrich)
GEOGRAPHIC: Province by ip (enrich)
GEOGRAPHIC: Province by name (ES) (enrich)
GEOGRAPHIC: Province by phone (ES) (enrich)
GEOGRAPHIC: Province by zipcode (ES) (enrich)
GEOGRAPHIC: Provinces by name (ES) (enrich)
GEOGRAPHIC: Provinces by phone (ES) (enrich)
GEOGRAPHIC: Provinces by zipcode (ES) (enrich)
GEOGRAPHIC: Route between addresses (enrich)
GEOGRAPHIC: Route between coordinates (enrich)
GEOGRAPHIC: Route between ips (enrich)
GEOGRAPHIC: Route between phones (enrich)
GEOGRAPHIC: Route between zipcodes (enrich)
GEOGRAPHIC: UTM Coordinates (enrich)
GEOGRAPHIC: Valid coordinates (validate)
GEOGRAPHIC: Valid zipcode format (validate)
GEOGRAPHIC: Zipcode by ip (enrich)
GEOGRAPHIC: Zipcode by prefix (ES) (enrich)
GEOGRAPHIC: Zipcodes by prefix (ES) (enrich)
INTERNET: Certificate by domain (enrich)
INTERNET: Convert ip to number (enrich)
INTERNET: Convert number to ip (enrich)
INTERNET: Decode url (enrich)
INTERNET: Device by user agent (enrich)
INTERNET: Domain by ip (enrich)
INTERNET: Domain exists (validate)
INTERNET: Domain has MX (validate)
INTERNET: Domain has ip (validate)
INTERNET: Domain has record (validate)
INTERNET: Domain has valid certificate (validate)
INTERNET: Domain has valid format (validate)
INTERNET: Domain is catchall (validate)
INTERNET: Domain record by type (enrich)
INTERNET: Domain records (enrich)
INTERNET: Encode url (enrich)
INTERNET: Extract contents from url (enrich)
INTERNET: Extract table from url (enrich)
INTERNET: Fix an ip (enrich)
INTERNET: Host is up (validate)
INTERNET: Scan host (enrich)
INTERNET: Service is up (validate)
INTERNET: Split url (enrich)
INTERNET: Technologies by url (enrich)
INTERNET: Url contains (validate)
INTERNET: Url exists (validate)
INTERNET: Url is valid (validate)
INTERNET: Whois by domain (enrich)
LIST: Greater element (validate)
LIST: Greater element (enrich)
LIST: Length list between (validate)
LIST: Length list equal (validate)
LIST: Length list greater (validate)
LIST: Length list greater or equal (validate)
LIST: Length list lower (validate)
LIST: Length list lower or equal (validate)
LIST: List contains (validate)
LIST: List ends with (validate)
LIST: List is sorted (validate)
LIST: List starts with (validate)
LIST: Lower element (enrich)
LIST: Lower element (validate)
LIST: Sorted list (enrich)
LIST: Unique es list (validate)
LIST: Unique list (enrich)
LIST: Valid list (validate)
NUMBER: Decimal number valid (validate)
NUMBER: Even number valid (validate)
NUMBER: Modulus equals (validate)
NUMBER: Natural number valid (validate)
NUMBER: Number between (validate)
NUMBER: Number equal (validate)
NUMBER: Number greater (validate)
NUMBER: Number greater or equal (validate)
NUMBER: Number lower (validate)
NUMBER: Number lower or equal (validate)
NUMBER: Odd number valid (validate)
NUMBER: Prime number valid (validate)
PERSONAL: Age between (validate)
PERSONAL: Age by date (enrich)
PERSONAL: Age is greater (validate)
PERSONAL: Age is greater or equal (validate)
PERSONAL: Age is lower (validate)
PERSONAL: Age is lower or equal (validate)
PERSONAL: Ages are equal (validate)
PERSONAL: Date between (validate)
PERSONAL: Date is greater (validate)
PERSONAL: Date is greater or equal (validate)
PERSONAL: Date is lower (validate)
PERSONAL: Date is lower or equal (validate)
PERSONAL: Date is valid (validate)
PERSONAL: Date leap year (validate)
PERSONAL: Dates are equal (validate)
PERSONAL: Decision maker (enrich)
PERSONAL: Gender by email (enrich)
PERSONAL: Gender by name (enrich)
PERSONAL: Gender is valid (validate)
PERSONAL: Name by prefix (ES) (enrich)
PERSONAL: Name exists (ES) (validate)
PERSONAL: Name with valid format (validate)
PERSONAL: Nif by dni (ES) (enrich)
PERSONAL: Nif number is robinson (ES) (validate)
PERSONAL: Normalize DNI (ES) (enrich)
PERSONAL: Normalize NIE (ES) (enrich)
PERSONAL: Normalize NIF (ES) (enrich)
PERSONAL: Normalize date (enrich)
PERSONAL: Normalize name (enrich)
PERSONAL: Normalize surname (enrich)
PERSONAL: Parse datetime (enrich)
PERSONAL: Parse fullname (enrich)
PERSONAL: Person by email (enrich)
PERSONAL: Person by mobile (enrich)
PERSONAL: Person by profile (enrich)
PERSONAL: Surname by prefix (ES) (enrich)
PERSONAL: Surname valid (ES) (validate)
PERSONAL: Surname with valid format (validate)
PERSONAL: Surnames by prefix (ES) (enrich)
PERSONAL: Valid Dni (ES) (validate)
PERSONAL: Valid Nie (ES) (validate)
PERSONAL: Valid Nif (ES) (validate)
PRODUCT: ASIN by EAN (enrich)
PRODUCT: ASIN by SKU (enrich)
PRODUCT: ASIN by UPC (enrich)
PRODUCT: ASIN exists (validate)
PRODUCT: ASIN lookup (enrich)
PRODUCT: Barcode Ean valid (validate)
PRODUCT: Barcode Ean13 valid (validate)
PRODUCT: Barcode Ean14 valid (validate)
PRODUCT: Barcode Ean18 valid (validate)
PRODUCT: Barcode Ean8 valid (validate)
PRODUCT: Barcode Gtin valid (validate)
PRODUCT: Barcode Gtin13 valid (validate)
PRODUCT: Barcode Gtin14 valid (validate)
PRODUCT: Barcode Gtin8 valid (validate)
PRODUCT: EAN by ASIN (enrich)
PRODUCT: EAN lookup (enrich)
PRODUCT: Ean exists (validate)
PRODUCT: SKU exists (validate)
PRODUCT: SKU lookup (enrich)
PRODUCT: Top gifted (enrich)
PRODUCT: Top new releases (enrich)
PRODUCT: Top sellers (enrich)
PRODUCT: Top wished (enrich)
PRODUCT: UPC by ASIN (enrich)
PRODUCT: UPC exists (validate)
PRODUCT: UPC lookup (enrich)
SECURITY: Luhn number valid (validate)
SECURITY: Md5 string (enrich)
SECURITY: Password is strong (validate)
SECURITY: SHA string (enrich)
SECURITY: UUID number valid (validate)
TEXT: Base64 value (enrich)
TEXT: Clean abuse words (enrich)
TEXT: Convert to lowercase (enrich)
TEXT: Convert to uppercase (enrich)
TEXT: Empty string (validate)
TEXT: Field name (enrich)
TEXT: Format string (enrich)
TEXT: Ip has valid format (validate)
TEXT: Ipv4 has valid format (validate)
TEXT: Ipv6 has valid format (validate)
TEXT: Join values (enrich)
TEXT: Normalize by field (enrich)
TEXT: Replace all occurences (enrich)
TEXT: Replace first ocurrence (enrich)
TEXT: Split and join values by (enrich)
TEXT: Split values by (enrich)
TEXT: String contains char (validate)
TEXT: String ends with (validate)
TEXT: String is random (validate)
TEXT: String length (enrich)
TEXT: String length between (validate)
TEXT: String length equal (validate)
TEXT: String length greater (validate)
TEXT: String length is greater or equal (validate)
TEXT: String length is lower (validate)
TEXT: String length lower or equal (validate)
TEXT: String starts with (validate)
TEXT: String vLookup (enrich)
TEXT: Valid alphabetic string (validate)
TEXT: Valid alphanumeric string (validate)
TEXT: Valid boolean string (validate)
TEXT: Valid lowercase string (validate)
TEXT: Valid numeric string (validate)
TEXT: Valid string by pattern (validate)
TEXT: Valid uppercase string (validate)
TEXT: Value by regex (enrich)
TEXT: Word count between (validate)
TEXT: Word count equal (validate)
TEXT: Word count greater (validate)
TEXT: Word count greater or equal (validate)
TEXT: Word count lower (validate)
TEXT: Word count lower or equal (validate)
TEXT: Words count (enrich)

If you need a tool not present in our list, send us a request from or ask using our online chat at
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