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Use smartphones to track assets and inventory by scanning barcodes, QR Codes or NFC Tags.
This app enables you to track fixed/portable assets and inventory online and in real-time. It comes with a smartphone app (iOS & Android) for either scanning barcodes (many formats including QR Codes) or tapping NFC Tags. Bluetooth & USB handheld scanners are also supported.

The data captured, when a barcode is scanned or an NFC tag is tapped, is sent back to the server/computer, along with additional custom data relating to the asset or the inventory. You can specify which additional data should be captured.

All captured data can be seen from the dashboard of the web app. The web app allows you to view, update, and delete records. It also shows the logs of who performed what action.

You can post data to Google Sheets, and also have the "who, when, & what" logs saved to Google Sheets.

For asset management, the app has the following operations:

    Asset Tagging - this service allows you to update or add assets to the system.
    Check out - this service allows you to record who has borrowed or is in possession of an asset.
    Check in  - this service allows you to record when an asset has been returned.
    Asset Auditing  - this service allows you to record asset audit records.
    Asset Reservation  - this service allows you to reserve an asset before it can be checked-out.
    Maintenance - this service allows you to keep an asset's maintenance history up to date.

Inventory can be imported from QuickBooks Online, or from a CSV file.

For inventory management, the app has the following operations:

    Record Inventory  - this service allows you to update or add inventory to the system
    Stock-taking - this service enables you to count and record stock quantities by scanning barcodes or tapping NFC tags
    Add Inventory - this service allows you to increment stock levels
    Reduce Inventory - this service allows you to decrement stock levels
    Inventory Transfer - this service enables you to record data when inventory is moved from one location to another

    Goods Received - track goods received when deliveries have been made. Know where they were put, quantity received, etc. Importing Purchase Orders from QuickBooks is supported.
     Goods Dispatched - update the status of products that you transport.
Work In Progress (WIP) Tracking - update the status of a product as it moves from one production process to another.

Using Zapier, you can integrate data from this app with those from other platforms, and create automatic actions. For example, a QuickBooks purchase order can be raised automatically when a deducted inventory reaches a re-order point.
Document Management
Save documents alongside each individual asset/inventory e.g user manuals, warranties, receipts, invoices, photos, certificates, guides etc.

The smartphone app:
- can send scans or NFC taps to Google Sheets. This includes the scanned barcode data or NFC tapped data, and optionally latitude and longitude GPS coordinates
- captures GPS/geo-coordinates of the scan/tap and sends it with the rest of the data
- allows you to see asset/inventory history including a map 
- allows you to customize the questions to ask after a scan/tap has been performed
- can upload photos of the asset/inventory
- works offline and allows saved data to be synced when an Internet connection is available
- can send barcode scan or NFC tap data to an online spreadsheet
- can make you use the phone solely as an external scanner

Email Notifications:
-The app can notify custodians when assets are due or overdue.
-The app can notify those concerned when inventory is about to expire or when a special date is about to elapse e.g warranty expiration.
-The app can notify those concerned when stock-levels have reached a certain threshold.
-The app can send a notification email when a Data Capture field has been changed

This application can be used in schools, universities, businesses, charities, churches, warehouses, haulage, labs, health care, construction, libraries, rental services, equipment hire, tools rental, etc.
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A User of Ventipix Asset & Inventory Manager
February 1, 2019
This app was recommended to us. It's fantastic! We've been using it for over six months now, and we're very happy with it! We use both the asset & inventory management features, to track our equipments. The smartphone app works great too, for our field reps. The entire app is very flexible, and there many things one can do with it, especially the custom fields. Their support is also good.
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A User of Ventipix Asset & Inventory Manager
January 24, 2019
Completely useless. 1st: It's not a free app but nowhere it says it has inside purchases. 2nd: Connection with G Suite only works if you pay, and the plan for G Suite is the most expensive one. 3rd: the smartphone app is useless also. I linked the mobile app and the web app properly and no data is transfered from my mobile to the web app. I expent one hour capturing barcodes and putting data for nothing.
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Keith Crow
March 25, 2020
Did you call their support?
A User of Ventipix Asset & Inventory Manager
August 29, 2018
Very flexible!
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