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Video Email and Personalized Video Campaigns.
Send personalized videos to engage prospects.
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A seamless DIY Video Personalization Platform for Sales. Hippo Video helps you manage your sales process and customer relationships within your Gmail inbox. Create personalized video experiences that nurture long-term customer relationships by greatly improving email response rates.

📹Create videos on the go
Record your screen, webcam, and audio to convey information to your clients the best way possible, within your Gmail account.

✏ Video personalization
Personalize your video as well as the email with recipient’s name, company, and other available data in Google Sheets. Insert merge tags inside the videos itself to create the magic of personalization.

📣Launch mass video email prospecting campaigns
Send video emails to hundreds of your customers and prospects by importing their data from Google Sheets.

📧Send 1-to-1 video sales email
Record an introduction video and attach it to your email to connect with your prospects personally.

📱Mobile friendly
Take care of your customer and prospect emails from mobile. Record, select a video from your library and track your video emails.

📊Real-time analytics
Understand your customers and prospects based on email open rates, video clicks, and watch rate.

Incorporate videos throughout your customer’s buying journey to improve engagement and conversions. Stay updated with us on social media.

Website: https://www.hippovideo.io/
Blog: https://www.hippovideo.io/blog/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/thehippovideo

Have questions or comments about Hippo Video? Email us at support@hippovideo.io, we would love to hear from you and help you!
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6 de enero de 2019
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Usuario de Google
29 de diciembre de 2018
Buena app
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22 de octubre de 2018
Muy bien pensada la aplicación, genial!
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Usuario de Google
19 de octubre de 2018
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9 de octubre de 2018
me hiso muy util en verdad
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18 de septiembre de 2018
es muy buena esta aplicacion
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24 de agosto de 2018
se traba demaciado
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Usuario de Google
28 de noviembre de 2018
ni para decir nada porque no la e utlizado
5 de noviembre de 2018
31 de julio de 2018
esta genial
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Usuario de Google
10 de febrero de 2019
muy chula la verdad
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