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Virtru Data Protection for G Suite
Surprisingly easy data protection and control for G Suite.
Virtru Corporation
4,705,941 users
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Virtru integrates client-side encryption directly into Gmail and G Suite, ensuring that only authorized parties can ever access your emails and attachments.  And because Virtru lets customers manage their encryption keys, users and administrators can control who has access to what content and for how long. You can revoke access at any time, set expiration dates and control forwarding on all of your messages.  

Set up Virtru encryption for your organization in minutes:

1) Install this marketplace place app to sync your domain. This enables administrative controls and lets your users share secure emails and attachments with groups and aliases.

2) Have your users install Virtru’s free browser extensions and plug-ins for Chrome, Firefox, Outlook, and mobile, which you can find at

You can use Virtru to meet regulations like HIPAA, CJIS, and CFPB compliance, to protect legal, finance, or HR information, or simply to ensure that third parties do not have access to your content.

Install Virtru for G Suite on your domain to allow administrators the ability to: 

• Revoke, control forwarding, and set expiration dates on emails shared by other users in your G Suite domain.

• Create custom data loss prevention rules to detect and encrypt users' sensitive information before it leaves the inbox.

• Manage Virtru licenses for individual users and see who has activated accounts.    

• Enable Virtru compatibility for G Suite aliases and groups created on your domain.

• View real-time read receipts to see when recipients have accessed your users' encrypted emails.

• Configure Virtru to notify admins when individual users have violated email compliance.

For more information on rolling out Virtru to your organization, please visit, or reach out to


“Email encryption has never been this slick and easy.” – PC Mag

“Virtru’s technology enables users to encrypt every email and attachment with the strongest encryption out there.” – BBC

“Virtru is a walk in the park compared with some of the other options.” – New York Times

“The key with what Virtru does is that it works across different platforms, something that is largely a gap today.” – TechCrunch

“This encryption tool will change the way we use email.” – Popular Mechanics 


Virtru believes that personal privacy depends on the businesses, governments, and institutions that hold our information. Virtru products make it easy for businesses and individuals to maintain control over access to their emails, documents, and other data – regardless of where they’ve been shared. More than 4,500 organizations around the world rely on Virtru to secure their most sensitive information.  Learn more at or follow @virtruprivacy on Twitter.
Tamer Aydogdu
July 20, 2017
It hangs refreshing organizational information, which is the first window after installations. There are only 4 users!
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Paul Dent
December 14, 2016
Great app, cant believe its free!
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Kathie Stafford
April 7, 2016
I am not happy with this app at all. It automatically now encrypts my emails and I even disabled it. I cant seem to get anyone to return my calls.
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David Samson
February 9, 2018
I can call you if you want.
Juan Pablo Ferrer
February 18, 2016
This is a fantastic tool for HIPAA Compliance. ONE MAJOR TIP: if you are having problems with the mobile app (iOS), try logging off, relogging back in and updating the security credential settings for Gmail. Works like a charm if you have any problems with "losing secure connection to the server" errors.
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Lester Ingber
November 16, 2015
Excellent product, enabling high-grade encryption very simple to use by senders and recipients.
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Daniel Umansky
February 8, 2015
Absolutely Drop dead simple to use! Not just for us as users...but for our recipients!
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Shay Mann
January 28, 2015
This is hands down the best app I have used in Google. The ability to send secure messages that are HIPAA compliant is an awesome time saver for staff and clients. Get this app!!!
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Jeff Zimarik
January 7, 2015
ABSOLUTELY LOVING VIRTRU!!! Currently I'm introducing and implementing Virtru to all business associates, customers, family and friends and anyone who is open to HIPAA and HITECH compliance! Easy, smooth interface on all web browsers noted and mobile devices, iPhone and Android. Good stuff Maynard! =)
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Jeff Zimarik
January 3, 2015
Virtru is a Godsend for everyone! Especially being HIPAA and HITECH compliant. The Virtru-Google Apps/Gmail interface is intuitive and smooth. Our organization is loving it and will happily sing Virtru's high praises from the roof tops! Many thanks to all the Virtru folks for bringing this into being.
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Dean Edwards
September 15, 2014
Works great so far, but publisher non-responsive on giving ETA on when it will stop being beta or give possible future pricing for non-profits.
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