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Groom, plan and manage your entire scrum process online and work collaboratively with your agile teams anytime and anywhere.
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=== Agile Software Development ===
Agile approach gain more and more attention in software industry, however there are many problems encountered during the adoption of an agile approach:

• Regulated project and requirements.
• Enterprise-scale project consists of multiple virtual teams around the globe.
• Prioritize project portfolio into a collection of programs and subsequently developed and managed by different agile teams.
• Manually plan, manage and update various backlogs, sprint tasks and communication for remote teams is quite tedious and time consuming.
• Track the progress of sprints, update and summarize various statuses with whiteboard could be inefficient and time-wasting, and the information is often inconsistent and out of sync.

• Seamlessly receive user features from EA or Project Management process which can adequately address various enterprise issues including governance and standard compliance.
• Task manager allows remote teams develop projects in parallel and manage tasks and multiple sprints effectively. It puts agile process live which can be accessed through desktop and over the cloud.
• Fully automated agile process for product backlog grooming such as, decompose user activities into user tasks and epics, all in one page. You can further break down epics into a set of related user stories.
• Make story estimate process transparent to promote fair and open policy, perform affinity estimation for user stories in terms of size and technology complexities. Eliminate project spikes in the initial development stage.
• Prioritize user stories into sprints and monitor progress with sprint board.
• Assign task in the sprint board inline and check detailed "My Task" or "project view" by going to the task manager at your own choices.
• Tasifier provides easy to conceptualized Gantt chart view which is always kept in sync with the list view in Tasifier.
In addition, the agile process is integrated with EA and Project Management seamlessly to avoid development silos.

=== UeXceler – Scrum Management Toolset ===
== User Story Map ==
Use User Story Map to organize large collection of user stories with ease. Now you can overview, relate and break-down complex software requirements into manageable user activities, user tasks and epics and subsequently to user stories, synchronizing with multiple sprints for team collaborations.

• Just-in-Time backlog management - Store requirements in backlog for classifying, prioritizing, estimating and reducing risks and spike for multiple team development.
• User Activities management - Manage high level goals as User Activities, and derive User Tasks in further.
• User Tasks management - User Activities are sub-divided into User Tasks - things that one can do to accomplish goals.
• Story Epic management - Create epics to represent groups of works. Epics are often seen as a 'large user story'.
• Epic prioritization - Drag and drop to re-arrange epics in a story map.
• Release planning - Perform release planning by organizing story epics in Release basis.

== User Story Statements ==
A user story represents a small piece of business value that a team can deliver in an iteration. User story statements contain a list of simple description of a feature told from the perspective of the person (user or customer) who desires the new capability with a good reason behind it. You can write user story statements under an Epic, and have user stories generated automatically.

== Effort and Risk Assessment with Affinity Table ==
Estimating user story both in story points and hours at the same time, eliminate project spike and deal with technology risk stick again in Sprint iteration 0. Seamlessly integrated with story map, and scrum and sprint process.

== Scrum Sprint Board ==
Edit, prioritize, label user stories with easy drag & drop GUI. Manage and organize stories with multiple sprints and epics. Synchronize stories with story map and teamwork capabilities in real-time.

== Sprint Task Board ==
Keep an eye on the project's progress. Sprint Task Board consists of a big board with user stories placed in different columns representing the phased processes. You can view and update the progress of stories by drag-and-drop around the columns.

=== Scheduling Task with Task Manager ===
== Tasifier ==
User stories can be identified in Story Map, or alternatively be created ad-hoc within a sprint. You can assign who is responsible for what task(s) within the sprint GUI and synchronize the entire sprint to Tasifier (a Task Management tool) without leaving the sprint.

== Gantt Chart Support ==
Visualize the progress of supporting a user story with a Gantt Chart. See the start and end dates of tasks, their inter-dependencies and progresses, make adjustment to their duration on-the-fly in the Gantt Chart tool and in sync with the list in Tasifer.

=== Easy Web Diagramming online ===
The most widely use visual modeling platform now make available online. VP diagram online runs on an HTML5 editor which is compatible with any modern browser with zero configuration needed. Now your can create large diagrams over the web efficiently and collaboratively with team members anywhere and anytime through internet. You can also import the diagrams back to the VP Desktop platform for performing enterprise scale modeling in just a matter of a few clicks. 

== Online Diagram Types ==
Our online diagram support is first introduced in version 14.1 and the initially diagram type support includes:
• ArchiMate 3 - an independent enterprise architecture modeling language to support the description, analysis and visualization of architecture within and across business domains in an unambiguous way.
• BPMN Diagram - a flow chart method that models the steps of a planned business process from end to end. A key to Business Process Management, it visually depicts a detailed sequence of business activities and information flows needed to complete a process.
• AWS Architecture Diagram - IT professionals who use Amazon Web Services can create great AWS Architecture diagrams over the web. The feature provides you with full set of AWS icons that can be used in your AWS Architecture design. You can also connect those AWS icons with traditional UML shapes like nodes, components and artifacts in UML deployment diagram for better representation of ideas.
• Flow Chart - a type of diagram that represents an algorithm, workflow or process, showing the steps as boxes of various kinds, and their order by connecting them with arrows. This diagrammatic representation illustrates a solution model to a given problem.
• PERT Chart - a project management tool used to schedule, organize, and coordinate tasks within a project. PERT stands for Program Evaluation Review Technique, a methodology developed by the U.S. Navy in the 1950s to manage the Polaris submarine missile program.
• Business Concept Diagram - Business Concept Diagram allows for the creation of a less formal and rigorous high-level representation of business processes and organization structure.
• Azure Architecture Diagram - Azure Architecture diagrams to visualize and document the architecture of applications bases on Microsoft Azure services which provides the ability to develop and launch applications and to store data on servers in distributed data centers.
Visual Paradigm plans to support most the diagram types in the desktop version which will gradually be made available online in the next few releases. 

=== Share and Annotate Models & Diagrams in Team ===
PostMania is a tool bundled with Teamwork Server or VPositary that lets you share the diagrams that you've created in Visual Paradigm with others, and to collect their feedback after they have viewed your diagrams. Very often, you share diagrams with your partners, clients or colleagues to let them confirm your design or clarify design issues. They can view your diagrams on the web without any rights to edit them.
June 12, 2017
Am I the first one? Cool! I've been using Visual Paradigm for years and I am so glad to see you guys landing here. Let's go back to this tool :-) I've seen some changes lately regarding the User Story support. I really love the new User Story Map (is this the star feature?). It is super simple to use and I like that I can breakdown business activities into four levels until it reach user stories! Most of the tools I tried before support only three levels. I have also played around the online drawing tools. In particular, I am interested in knowing the capability of your online BPMN support because your desktop version had done it so well. I have to say the result does exceed my expectation. The Resource Catalog tool, alignment function and other formatting tools are all there. In my opinion it is as good as the desktop version! And it's way better than most of the other web diagram tools in the market. Awesome! I do aware of the communication tool and task management tool but I don't have a chance to use them yet. Will probably give it a try in next few weeks~ All in all, I really love Visual Paradigm Online and I hope you guys will support more features in the future.
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June 20, 2017
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