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Kirill Fertikov
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Vocabulary 90 is the app which helps you learn new vocabulary in an efficient way.
The app is based on a "90 Second Method" which looks the following way:

1. When you come across a new word, you write it down with the sentence into the first column of a Google Sheet. The word in a sentence you mark with a bold font weight.

2. During the next 7 days the app will send you the sentence to your Gmail. Your task is to read the sentence 1-2 times. You also have to understand the meaning of the word while reading.

3. After 7 days you make a one-week timeout after which the app sends you the sentence to read it again.

4. And, finally, after two more weeks off, the app sends you the sentence for the last time.

Supposing you spend 10 seconds to read the sentence, you'll totally spend 10 * 7 + 10 + 10 = 90 seconds in order to adopt the word.

You can read about the method in detail here:

The app automates the method described above:

• You don't have to remember how many times you've read each sentence. Just add a new sentence to the end of the column, and the app will do all the other work.

• If while reading the sentence you can't recall the meaning of the word - click on it, and the word will be opened in a dictionary.

• If you learn multiple languages, then you can maintain lists of sentences on different sheets of a spreadsheet. You will receive a separate email for each sheet.

• If you are out of time today and can't read the email, you can cancel today's sending. Today's sentences will be sent to you next time.

To add "Mark as read" button to Gmail use this add-on:

To add examples from online dictionaries to a Google Sheet in one click use these add-ons:
• Firefox:
• Google Chrome:
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February 28, 2021
There should be a column of the meaning of the word too.
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Kirill Fertikov
March 3, 2021
You can add it as a last column if you like. This should not break the script. The question is: how would you like to use this column? Would you like it to be sent in email? Isn't just a link to a dictionary page enough? Please feel free to describe your ideas via email or support site.
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