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Voyzu Shared Contacts Manager
Share contacts across your G Suite domain
35,198 users
Share Google contacts with other users in your G Suite domain.   Use G Suite contacts as your company CRM.

***  Free version
The free version allows you to share up to 30 contacts across up to 3 domain users.

*** Subscription Version
The paid version allows you to share up to 10,000 contacts across up to 300 domain users.  Also adds Directory management ability.
*** Share Contacts.  
Your domain users can use the Google contacts screens they are familiar with to manage contacts.  Take advantage of powerful google contact features such as:
Import contacts
Export contacts
Contact images
Duplicate checking
*** Manage Directory contacts (subscription version only)
Your company's G Suite Directory gives G Suite users read-only access to a global list of contact data. However G Suite  users and administrators cannot add contacts to the company directory. Voyzu solves this problem. With Voyzu Contacts Directory for G Suite you can add contacts which will instantly appear in your company contacts directory.
*** Mobile Support

Contacts you manage on your mobile device using the Google Contacts app are automatically synchronized.

*** Export Contacts
Export your directory contacts to a Google Spreadsheet, giving you the ability to filter your contacts and run reports.  A full exports history is saved, including the user initiating the export.

*** Supports all contact fields including image

All contact fields (e.g. email, phone number, notes etc) are fully supported, including the ability to upload a contact profile picture. Add as much custom information data to your contacts as you wish.

*** Fully integrated with G Suite including user permissions

You can log in to Voyzu Contacts Directory for G Suite from any Google product using existing your G Suite email and password. The G Suite domain administrator has full control of user access.

*** Embedded Help

A help sidebar guides you through every screen.

*** Fully Supported

Email support is available

*** Installation

Only domain-wide installation is supported.  For more help on installation see
A User of Voyzu Shared Contacts Manager
January 7, 2020
Yes at last! An app that share contacts at resonble price! Thanks!!
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A User of Voyzu Shared Contacts Manager
October 7, 2019
So far this little app has done exactly what I expected it to do. There is an annoying gap in the functionality of the G Suite Directory (not allowing external contacts). Voyzu plugs this gap beautifully. Now the committee of our car club can access and share our members details.
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A user of Voyzu Shared Contacts Manager
December 19, 2019
Just a heads up, GSuite Directory absolutely supports external contacts in the directory, there's just no GUI to add them. It has to be done via the API.
A User of Voyzu Shared Contacts Manager
August 19, 2019
Fantastic! I was worried there did not exist an app like this, the other CRMs are so loaded with Sales features.
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A User of Voyzu Shared Contacts Manager
June 19, 2019
Awesome! Easy peasy, do what is meant to.
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David Haddad
June 9, 2019
Fantastic. Took 30 seconds to install for the domain and then have anyone be able to launch. Works perfectly. More people need to find this.
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A User of Voyzu Shared Contacts Manager
February 6, 2019
Love it so far, simple and easy to use, does what gsuit should. Thanks!
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