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The first project management platform for G Suite that centralizes all services in one place and automatizes tasks.
37,557 users
Workep integrates and automates the Google Suite into one seamless platform. Workep allows users to plan projects by breaking down each and every step that needs to be completed. From there, the team can track how everything is going and know what needs to be done. Workep allows you to assign tasks to team members with the option to add a due date, subtasks, comments and files. Once this information is entered into Workep, the platform syncs the information across your Google Drive and Calendar as well as within Workep. You can see an overview of the project in Gantt view and Workfeed allows you to know what everyone needs to do. 

Workep is perfect for any team that is spread out across the globe, a single office or a one man operation. With Workep, you will be able to plan exactly what needs to be done without ever overlooking a step. Workep has the smallest learning curve of any project management platform due to most users already being familiar with the Google Suite. Get ready to be the most productive you have ever been with just the push of a few buttons!

Workep Integrations:
Google Drive
Google Calendar
Google Sheets
Google Docs
Google Slides

Workep Features:
Due Dates
Gantt Chart
Workfeed view
All encompassing search bar
Smart Email Notifications
Sendable task URL’s

Free to use- just sign in with your Google account.
A Google User
October 23, 2017
A partir de hoy es parte esencial de nuestra empresa.
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October 12, 2017
Intuitive, flowless, and responsive. We enjoy the 3 display modes and total integrations with Google Suite calendar, Drive and Docs. We work with creatives and now we can review their work on the spot. We look forward for more tools and tweaks. Keep it up!
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A Google User
September 20, 2017
Easy to use, lacks some functionality, interested in seeing professional version.
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A Google User
August 13, 2017
A terrific new application that integrates brilliantly with GSuite. It would be fantastic if the developers build in Gmail links to tasks, projects and contacts and enable the creation of new documents from templates from within Workep.
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August 1, 2017
Amazing UX and automation features. Also, completely integrated with Google Apps. This has allowed to our team to work faster and smart
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June 7, 2017
This platform is easy to use and sits atop gsuite comfortably.
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A Google User
May 2, 2017
easy to use
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May 2, 2017
The best project management platform
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