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Performance management tool for engineers, product managers and designers. Automate in-depth 360 reviews for tech organizations and analyze performance data on work done in common engineering tools.
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Worklytics is a continuous feedback and analytics tool for software development teams. Connect productivity tools including Google Docs, Calendar, Github, JIRA and more to gain unprecedented insight into your software development process.

✔ Continuous Feedback on Real Work as it Happens
Review and share actionable feedback on real work automatically gathered from the tools your team uses to design and develop software

✔ People and Team Analytics
Drive transparency and gain visibility into activity and trends in software development, product and design work done across all your tools

✔ Data-driven Performance Reviews
Use examples of real work and productivity data to enhance and automate 360 degree performance reviews and feedback cycles

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May 23, 2016
I've started using this for my team organisation, since they are spread out across the globe & many don't like confrontation, even if their team leaders aren't suitably managing them.
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August 10, 2016
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