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Wrike - Project Management
Wrike: Project Management
4,750,135 users
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Millions of users trust Wrike to accomplish more.

"Wrike takes complex projects and makes them simple for the people on your team."
-Andrew Hartman, Marketing Operations, Hootsuite

Organize everything you need to complete your project in one spot.
-   Break large projects into manageable pieces
-   Use Gantt charts to view your schedule and dependencies  
-   Real-time task editing for advanced collaboration

Increase productivity and execute faster across teams.
-   @Mention your teammates to get things done
-   Transform emails into tasks with one click
-   Keep teamwork moving freely with our mobile apps

The visibility you need to make informed decisions.
-   Easy-to-use report builder to visualize your teams work
-   Build reports of all your projects at a glance
-   Live activity stream for real-time updates

Wrike integrates with your Google Apps for fast, easy, efficient work management.

Single Sign-On: Convenient and secure sign-on with your teams existing Google credentials.

Google Drive: Attach any of your Google docs directly into Wrike for advanced collaboration.

Gmail: Turn emails into easy-to-track tasks with our Gmail gadget.

Google Calendar: Sync your project tasks and milestones for an up-to-date timetable.
Shane Minor
December 20, 2019
You need to integrate Team Drives from Google Drive into the platform.
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A User of Wrike - Project Management
November 5, 2019
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A User of Wrike - Project Management
January 21, 2019
We’ve been trialing Wrike this week. Our team uses iPad pros and the Wrike app has no Gantt chart! If you then delete the app in the hope of using Safari , you need need to click “request desktop site repeatedly” in the hope that Wrike will let you access that platform via Safari. From Chrome you can’t even print! In summary, if you’re cloud and iPad based, look elsewhere. The lack of usability, especially on the iPad pros, is hard to believe in 2019.
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A user of Wrike - Project Management
July 15, 2019
Actually, the tool DOES have Gantt chart functionality. I am sorry that you did not like the tool, but please be accurate in your criticism.
A User of Wrike - Project Management
August 30, 2018
Great tool! some features lacking on android tablets, otherwise we like it
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Brandy Roberts
May 2, 2018
Using since 2012. It's great for managing both projects and ongoing everyday tasks. Feature rich with frequent upgrades, extremely responsive and quality support. Several forms for engagement with other customers and employees.
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Billy Sobczyk
March 14, 2018
I can't uninstall. There is no option to disconnect from google drive once connected.
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A user of Wrike - Project Management
December 8, 2018
'A Google User' on Nov 9, '18 was kinder than I. My rule is never Add until u know how to uninstall; nevertheless, aforementioned post was good advice. If u c this post, u mite wanna thank him/her/undefined...
A user of Wrike - Project Management
November 9, 2018
You have to go into your settings, and click on apps. Once there, you can disconnect the app. Hope this helps.
Rachel Welsch
December 12, 2017
I use Wrike on a daily basis to manage multiple projects at once. I find it extremely useful to make sure I'm on track and provide updates to anyone who needs the information. It is a very convenient and easy to use application.
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A User of Wrike - Project Management
August 9, 2017
Wrike has been a great Project Management Suite for our marketing team. We have 25 users internally that use the system daily. On average we receive 50-100 requests a day from the field with the use of Wufoo and Zapier integration. The automation has proven to be quick, convenient and a great tool as a project manager. Our team has thrived with a due date driven task list. Priorities are no longer questioned and completion rates are through the roof.
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Christian Díaz Chuquisengo
June 19, 2017
I can't delete this
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Sharmila Banu
April 3, 2019
Go to G Suite Market Place, Click on Manage Apps, and on the 3 dots and select remove.
A user of Wrike - Project Management
October 27, 2017
Did you figure it out? I don't know how to remove it either
A User of Wrike - Project Management
June 7, 2017
Nothing more than a link to the website. It doesn't even open Wrike in its own named window.
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