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Get writing feedback based on your brand guidelines — wherever you write online.
Get writing feedback based on your brand guidelines  — wherever you write online.

Writer helps everyone at a company write with the same brand voice, style, and terminology. Organizations can achieve consistency and clarity across all types of content, from marketing communications to emails to product copy and more.

✏️ Brand voice
✏️ Approved messaging and terms
✏️ Plain language
✏️ Grammar
✏️ Spelling
✏️ Punctuation
✏️ Gender-inclusive pronouns
✏️ Plagiarism
✏️ Compliance

💬 Get proactive feedback, not reactive — Brand guidelines are applied to what you write, as you write it.
📈 Measure progress — Content score shows you how closely your writing aligns to your brand’s style guide.
💪 Strengthen your writing — Feedback helps you write in your brand voice, tone, and style, every time.

Writers at companies like Braintree, Twitter, Intuit, and Marriott use Writer to create on-brand content up to 90% faster than before. 

🗣 “Writer is like a content guardian angel, making sure everything we create is 
written in our voice.” 

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Augustine Kerkula
March 3, 2021
Never before had a human being experienced a silence so absolute. In 1965, he was 300 miles above the Earth, and what no one knew was that he was minutes from death. Fifty years on, "Alexei Leonov", the first man to walk in space, explains what happened next. It was absolutely still, he says. I heard the beating of my heart, I heard my heavy breath. Below him was a planet without borders– the east and the West an unbroken stretch of land, the Iron Curtain, invisible. " On my right were the Volga River and the Ural Mountains. On my left were Bulgaria, Greece and Italy. Then I looked up and I saw the Baltic Sea."
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Parkour Legend Bilal Y
February 22, 2021
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A User of Writer
March 19, 2020
I switched to Qordoba from Grammarly because the latter was giving me incorrect grammatical tips, and I've so far been really pleased not only with the accuracy of Qordoba's editing platform but also for its tools to create your own built-in style guide that can give you live recommendations as you type as to what's wrong. I also love that it includes tools for inclusive language and legal compliance - those are enormous factors that can greatly impact your business with just a few words. The only recommendation I would make for Qordoba is to make the user interface a little simpler; creating a new grammar rule or style rule can be difficult without guidance from a Qordoba user or expert who's already done it, and this makes it hard to learn the tool and onboard others who need to use the tool. I give Qordoba a 7.5/10 - their platform is useful and has a lot of potential, but there are still a lot of kinks to work. Qordoba was brought on into our organization as a replacement for Grammarly, and it's done a stellar job as a self-editing tool. It also offers tools that allow you to create an internal style guide, which is a huge benefit to our organization given our global workforce and recent overhaul of our content guidelines.
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Profile Pciture
A user of Writer
May 29, 2020
Yes, you can have multiple style guides.
Profile Pciture
A user of Writer
May 14, 2020
Can you create multiple style guides? I write for different clients and each have their own style guide.
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