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Adds multi-topic authoring to Docs, somewhat similar to the book concept in FrameMaker. Enables ,among many things, ebook and Kindle book authoring.
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WriteWithClaire, or WWC for short, a “FrameMaker for the Cloud”, a solution providing “author everywhere, publish anywhere”, based on Google Drive/Docs, a new cloud-based approach to (professional) authoring.

WWC is loaded with features for the professional author. It brings true custom styles to Google Docs. It enables the use of variables and brings the concept of Single Sourcing to cloud based authoring. 

WWC can be used either on individual documents or on projects containing any number of smaller documents (topics). 

WWC consist of three main parts:
1. An add-on to Google Docs.
2. The WriteWithClaire web app.
3. The WriteWithClaire backend

The add-on provides a “sidebar” with a number of useful tools, such as inserting a “variable”, applying a stylesheet and more.

WWC supports four different types of users, the lone writer; the team writer collaborating with other writers; the reviewer; and the manager overseeing a bunch of writing projects. 

WWC supports the authoring of a single doc; authoring a set of documents; managing a number of writing projects; collaboration on a single document; and collaboration on a set of docs. 

WWC supports generating different alternative versions of documents and features for generating different types of output from the same source documents.

With WriteWithClaire you can quickly generate a new kind of ebook based on a new web-based format (Gbook) and viewer (ReadWithClaire). The Gbook format is purely based on JSON and HTML5 and the viewer itself is a Single Application Page (SAP). Gbooks are preferably hosted on your Google Drive as a public folder, however you can decided to host on the web server of your choice. Readers of your Gbooks can add public comments as well as rate each page. As an author, you can reject or approve each comment. The WWC analysis dashboard provides you with all sorts of analysis, for example, most viewed page, pages never viewed, search words not found etc. If you sign-in with your Google credentials, the Gbook UE allows you to quickly open the source documents behind the Gbook pages as well as approve or reject new comments.

Here are some of the use cases for WWC:
Do you need to work with really long Google Docs? 
Do you need to manage a bunch of writers working on the same set of documents?
Do you want a simple way to manage the look and feel of multiple Google Docs? 
Are you authoring eBooks? 
Do you want more control on how to convert your Google Docs to HTML web pages? 
Looking for a cloud/web-based alternative to FrameMaker? 
Do you want to author on all of today’s platforms (tablets, smartphones, Chromebooks...)?
Looking for a more customizable e-book format?
Need help keeping track of your hyperlinks in your Google documents? 
Do you need to manage two or more slightly different versions of a document?
Would you like to automatically publish your document as a PDF for example every night or every Monday?
Thinking about writing a book for the Amazon Kindle?
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